7 Cycle Progress - 5/3/1 Doesn't Work Well, Time to Move On

Move on to Cycle 8! And 5/3/1 doesn’t work well, it works friggin’ wonders.

Cycle 1 lifts:

OHP - 135x9
DL - 320x11 (touch and go)
BP - 215x7
Squat - 310x7

Cycle 7 Lifts:

OHP - 160 x 7
DL - 430x9 (touch and go) 415x7 Deadstop (1 rep 500x1)
BP - 265x7
Squat - 385x8 (1 rep 460x1)

Calculated 1 RM increases:

OHP - +18
DL - +65
BP - +60
Squat - +88

Happy I kept some journals and was nice reflecting back on them today.

Nice progress what template did you use?

How long is a cycle? How long was 7 cycles
Did you perform the 500 pound dead or was that from a calculator. I don’t think you repped that out. I couldnt’

@rape69. I ran the 3 month challenge for 4 months… did the body building template for the first month, and ran simplest strength last cycle and started it again this cycle. I am really digging the simplest strength template.

@screenwatcha, 7 cycles is supposed to be 28 weeks. I didn’t do a couple of the deload weeks at the beginning so took me about 6 months to complete 7 cycles. Note, I deload now. The 500 dead and 460 squat were lifts performed in the gym. I have not 1RM on bench or OHP, not sure why but I just haven’t.

Can i ask your height and weight and age?

6’1", 230, I turn 40 years young in 2 weeks. 6 month Goals are to hit a 500 pound squat, 550 pound dead, 330 bench, and over 200 OHP.

How much weight did you put on in that 6 months?

Love the title of the thread, clicked it intending to see some people rage at you for not doing it right or not trying hard enough…very deceiving!

I’m loving the program right now too, I can see this being a very long term program for me as long as these gains continue.

@screenwatcha - I lost about 20 pounds in those six months, give or take a pound or two. I also do weighted vest walks for conditioning among other things like trap bar farmer walks, etc.

@littlesleeper - Haha, gotta love “click bait”. Happy you are loving the program. I can see this being a lifer for me. With they way you can change up the accessory work, it will never get old.

@wrightrocky: Awesome progress man! Glad to hear your enjoying the Simplest Strength, I am thinking about going with that one when I start to burn out on the Triumvirate!

@natedaniel: I have been tempted to do triumvirate myself, going to give that a whirl next cycle! I love the options with simplest strength though.

Aside from the main lifts and the big assistance. What else do you do as small assistance?

Do you include FSL or any other add-ons to the main lifts?

Great lifting progress and strength, man!

What SST lifts did you use? I like that template as well

Good mornings, Chins (all variations), face pulls, ham curls, ab wheel, t bar rows, pendlay rows, dumbbell rows, weighted dips.

Pretty much those and rotated in and out. Usually did one joker and am implementing FSL this cycle.