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7,8 Benzoflavone Complex Daily Use for Test Boost?

I was looking at that product and was wondering if it would be useful for total and free testosterone boost and if it could be used daily, or mini-cycled(5 days on 2 off) and still keep levels consistent on off days. I want to get my total test from the high 400s to low 600s at least and increase my free test from 93 to an optimal number. Even if this supplement with raise test indirectly, it can still be useful to me. It is supposed to lower cortisol and my cortisol likes to be as low as 22 and as high as 29. That is my normal cortisol level. I know, that’s terrible. My Estradiol level is usually 28.

If you have an unlimited amount of money, go for it.

Under any other circumstance I don’t see that being worth it

What about Resveratrol?