7-5-3 principle

Has anyone tried doing the 7-5-3 principle as outlined by Poliquin in modern trends in strength and hypertrophy training…If i did 2 bodyparts per workout using 2 exercises for each bodypart, it would end up being 24 sets…which seems a little high…does anyone have any opinions on how his should be structured?

I haven’t used that one yet, but will try it sometime in the future. From what I’ve read in his book, you are doing it right. You can do two bodyparts and two exercises per bodypart, but the only thing you must do to make it work is to superset the exercises. Otherwise, you will only be able to do 2-3 exercises in the workout. Also, Poliquin recommends only doing two waves of 7-5-3. In his other waves, he’ll recommend three or more waves. But keep yours to two! :slight_smile:

Thanks Nate.I usually superset all my exercises anyway using the A1 A2 protocol. I’m just a bit worried about the volume as i’ve always stuck to doing 15-20 sets per workout

OPINIONS on poliquin? nah I’ll just be quiet. peace

Tan, don’t be afraid of the higher volume! It’s good for you. Besides, use two exercises that use most of the body’s musculature (squats, deads, benches, overhead presses, cleans, etc). The other two exercises could be smaller movements or more isolation type exercises (lunges, flyes, laterals, rows, chins, curls, pressdowns, etc).

Nate, the reason i’m a bit worried is because i use compound movements exclusively…incorporating sandbag lifting and other awkward movements…a typical workout would be …A1)Bench Press A2) Bent over rows B1) Weighted Dips B2)Wide Grip Pull Ups followed by something like farmers walks…i’ve found that doing isolation exercises like flies or lateral raises dont work for me at all…

I don’t see anything particularly magical about the 7-5-3 rep progression scheme. I don’t really like the idea of combining such a wide range of rep schemes in the same workout, and would rather have you stick with reps under 5 for power training and above 5 for hypertrophy. As for the volume, 24 sets is not unreasonable at all, as long as you can stick with it and not miss workouts. Leave one solid rep in the tank on these sets also. Going to failure with low reps is almost never a good idea unless you want your nervous system so shot that you can’t train the same exercises again for weeks.

Opinions on hetyey? Nah ill just keep them to myself.

Doug, itseems that a lot of people dont see any results with wave loading…and having to keep track of 4-5 percent load increments is a pain…i’ll probably just stick to the 5x5 and 5,4,3,2,1 as they have worked wonders for me in terms of increased size and strength…nate, what were your results on the 6x2-4 stuff?