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6x4 training

Currently I am doing GVT 2000, and when that’s over with I was planning on 6x4 training to switch from intensity to volume. I looked through the sight and found the info, but I didn’t see any prescribed excersises. What would any of you people recommend?

And if there’s a answer already on the site that I overlooked, don’t be afraid to let me have it.

What’s wrong with the basics? The basics (squat, bench press, deadlift, press, etc) will always work. There’s no secret lift that you should be doing.

Thats what i was planning on doing, I just wanted to know how people set up there training days. But thanks anyways, I should have been more specific.

Typical Poliquin split of 2on, 1off, 1on, 1off works well.

Have a day for each lift or 2 lifts. Do clean & press + squat on say, day 1 & bench press + deadlift on day 2. Or do upper body one day & lower body the other day & alternate them, etc.