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6x Bodyweight Squat


Andrzej Stanaszek

That's some functional muscle. Beat that, Bruce Lee.


Gosh, I wish I was that guy.


That is some great strength but he has a HUGE advantage over the rest of us. He only has to travel like 1/4 the distance we do and he weighs a shit load less.

Good insirational pic though.


man that is one strong dwarf!!!
just to let you know- Marcus Schick the American Powerlifting Dwarf actually benched 700+lbs at 165.

I always contemplate if dwarf powerlifting is legal than I just think that dwarftossing was a world renouned sport up til a few years ago, so I just accept it.

I just want to see one of those little bastards Deadlift with those little hands!!
Great picture!!!


he's actually quite a nice chap!

and . . . he's got a beautiful wife!!

Bustard!! :wink:



Well, you're right . . . he sucks at Dlift.

look at this pic . . . he's looking here just like you and me


Here's another pic of him. Squatting 300kg in the 52kg class (661lbs in the 115lbs class).


talk about working with what ya' got!!
That dude is impressive, no doubt.
He is squatting what I squat as a 198, at half the weight- humbling, very humbling.
He is a world class athlete and should be recognized for that, my hat off to him.

People are born with differences, this guy has taken all the ridicule and insults all his life, and now he is a world class athlete and all the people who laughed at him are still regular height NOBODIES.

Off the post- I know one 242 bencher who lost his hand in a car accident, something that would probably stopped most people, he came back and benched a 643 last year, now nationally ranked.

Everytime I think of these people, I get inspired.....hope that all of you do as well.


The problem is not so much the small hands as the horrible levers for deadlifting.


Impressive, biggest muscle is his heart.