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6wks Out from Comp. How to Train?


I train with 531, and I'm on my deload right now. I just decided to do my first powerlifting meet 6 weeks after this deload ends. With a 1 week deload before the competition, that leaves me with 5 weeks of training.

Should I run 531 and then go straight into another 2 weeks of 531 with no deload, and then deload before the competition, or do 531, then deload, then do a week of testing maxes, and then deload again?


Take the $20 bucks and buy the 5x3x1 for powerlifting. It has everything you need to know about how to transition the original 5x3x1 into a competition. Cannot recommend anything more, especially because you are already "in the program"


I would finish your 5/3/1 cycle first. Then after your deload week, hit your openers.



Are you lifting raw or geared? My personal opinion depends upon that information.


I'm lifting raw.


I own 531 for powerlifting, and I've read it. My problem though is that I won't be ending a cycle at the right time right before a meet. I'm just wondering if I should just power through 5 weeks of training into a deload for the meet, or if I should do the 4 week 531 cycle with the deload, then train for a week, and then deload again.


Just do that. It's your irst meet. Everything you do will be a record and a PR because you havent done a meet yet. Don't over complicate things. Do a couple of meets before you worry about things like programming or peaking.


Taper training down slowly over the next several weeks getting used to heavier loads each week. End with two weeks out doing some heavy doubles and singles. Deload during the meet week and rest up. Go in on monday/tuesday and do some light lifting, nothing more than in the 70% range for some easy triples.


@Iron Never Lies

So what your schedule looks like working back from the comp week:

1 - Comp week
2 - ??? ( What to do this week? )
3 - Deload (questioned week)
4 - 5x3x1
5 - 3x3x3
6 - 5x5x5
7 - (Current week / deload phase)

In the book, on page 49, Jim says you can have one, two, or even three deload weeks before a competition. Though he recommends one. He also states (and i know of a lot of power lifters that agree) that the week leading up to the comp you should do nothing. Maybe minimal maintenance, but dont try any new movement or stretch or anything you are unfamiliar with. It is too close to competition to experiment. So what i would recommend would be this:

1 - Comp Week (Set Records)
2 - Do nothing. Get your mind right. Recover to as close to 100% as possible.
3 - Deload. Begin Recovery. Start Getting your mind right.
4 - 5x3x1. Push it and get confident in your openers and your predicted max.
5 - 3x3x3. (If you want, you can hit the final set of 3 for just 3, then work up to heavy single. 92.5% (opener) of predicted max for 1, then 95% (lift 2) of predicted max (comp. goal weight) for 1)
6 - 5x5x5
7 - Deload (current week)