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6wks Out from Bench Comp. Need Advice


I am going to be competing in the WDFPF SE Championships in Michigan on June 25th. I'll only be benching. Currently, my best paused gym lift is 345 (raw). The WR for 90kg Juniors is 358. With six weeks to go, what routine is going to give me the best chance of breaking that with a lift of 360 on a third or possibly fourth lift?

I've been switching between the Smolov Jr. and 5/3/1. I've had good luck with Smolov Jr. in the past. The first time I did it, I went from a best lift of 330 to a touch-n-go 345. The second time I went through it, I hit a paused 345, then got greedy and tried and failed at 360.

I can't gain any weight, because as it stands, I am about 207 right now, so I will have to cut a bit to make weight. Any advice will be appreciated!