6th Week on SARMS, Take 1 Week Rest Before Next Cycle?

hey guys i tried cardarine for 6 weeks, which it gave good endurance and also my performance in gym was lasting. I took the doages around 10 mg perday before gym as pre-workout. Currently i’m gonna be in week 6. My fat percentages dropped down from 17-15% with less clean diet but i managed to stay in caloric deficit. There’s no much of a change in my weight by far which is before was 86kg and now 85kg with 5’11height. Moreover, i had minor sides like slight joint pain especially when i go heavy and if i touch my balls i it gave me a slight sensitive shock kind of feeling. My workout were all strength based for the 1st three weeks and managed to deadlift hard (my PR: 150KG).

My questions is should i rest for 1 week before i jump to testolone for more than 4 weeks or just start right away next but this cycle wont be included without cardarine. Any help guys. if you guys ask me whats going with my routine, i will say im doing a recomp cycle for me to bulk with test and deca for 12 weeks after this sarms cycle. I needed advices from you guys. Please help me.

In most cases the answer would be a definite no, but cardarine isn’t actually a sarm and doesn’t shut you down or affect your hpta at all, so you are fine to start your cycle whenever.