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6th Week of 1st Cycle, Needing Help Controlling Backne

I’m in 6th week of 1st cycle of 500mg Test E/week and 400mgTren E/week. Taking .25mg of AI eod.
Weight went from 195 to 205 within the first couple weeks with losing bf. Been at 205 for 2 weeks now and starting to get backne. Never had it as a teen.

I don’t want to cut my cycle short but if my backne gets worse I will.

I stopped the Tren hoping it won’t get worse.

Is there any remedies that will treat it besides Accutane?


I’ve never had the issue, I’ve heard it’s more likely with “dirty” or not sanitary gear.

I know you said besides Accutane, but I’ve heard good things about EXTREMELY low dose Accutane, like MUCH LOWER than the standard dosages. APPERANTLY this has little to no sides and still works well.

This is just something I’ve read somewhere, I have no research to support this and no personal experience. Normally wouldn’t have even replied, but as you have no other replies, I hope this helps a bit!

Dude, I get acne bad sometimes on cycle and definitely off cycle into pct. I started taking the clearasil cleaning pads with me everywhere and I use the damn clearasil orange colored liquid soap on my whole damn body. It’s getting much much better after a week. I just make sure I’m wiping them pads all over the acne on my chest and back before and after I workout. I think mine is from the excess sweat. My test is pharmaceutical brand from the united states so it’s high quality. I think the sweat and extra calories and maybe some of it is higher estrogen… just fucks me up bad. I hope this helps… def embarrassing bro. I get it.

Oh yeah, and tan man. Get in the tanning booth. That helps disguise it. Salt water and sun is great for it too

Thanks for the replies.

After more research I found that sacilyc acid and benzoyl peroxide help with aas and regular acne. I picked both up and also a back scrubber lufa for the hard to reach area.

I’m sweating all damn day at work and every night in the gym.

My safety harness rubs on my back and shoulders too which doesn’t help at all!

My test and Tren are pharm grade lab tested and I’m pretty sure backne doesn’t necessarily mean the gear is dirty.

I’ll try the products I have and reply here in a week or so with updates.

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Acne if you are genetically prone to it is par for the course of steroid use, just like if you are prone to balding, steroids will quicken the process.
Try a stack that minimises high androgens like test(only 100-200mg trt dose) make up the rest of the stacksteroids with a less androgenic steroids like EQ, Deca.
Not sure if tren is especially bad for acne as I have never tried it, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it is.
Also high androgenic steroids esp testosterones cause increased hair growth on your back. If these hairs get ingrown, they will cause extra bad acne like symptoms.

After dropping the Tren and using sacilyc acid and benzoyl peroxide stopped acne in its tracks and cleared most of it up except for 2 spots one on each side of my neck. I started the Tren back up 3 days ago and will wait to see what happens

Tanning works wonders I have a couple of topical ointments and they dont touch tanning at all. Tanning and showering regularly. And another is curcumin, zinc, and water.


Get some sun when you can but don’t get burnt. Tanning bed/booth works well too if you have that as an option. Showers twice a day & change bed sheets regularly. Benzoyl peroxide works pretty good but it can bleach your clothes. I use it at night and sleep in a white tshirt.

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I’ve done some Antibiotic called cephalexin, it works well… 3 days after taking it, I had no more acne… i did 15 days of 500mg / 6h, it works very well, at least for me… I do this cephalexin cycle 2 times per year with doc prescription… my skin looks very good!

I have the same, didn’t do much. But as a caveat to that I work on heavy equipment in Florida. So doesn’t work well for me

Holy shit! Acne is back! And getting bad. I wonder if my AI isn’t working. It expired last summer but I thought it was good. My Dr. Prescribed me to an antibiotic yesterday. Waiting to see results!

Update us in few days when that antibiotic kicks in. I’m curious how well it worked for you. I don’t have it bad right now but I’ve developed some cystic acne on my chest and I’ve been thinking of getting an antibiotic.

I haven’t seen my Dr in almost 9 months. I’m 30+ lbs heavier and she didn’t say anything about AAS…especially when I complained of acne on back neck chest and shoulders…haha