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6th Week In Cycle


Sorry to bother you but I'm 6 week into a test e 14 week cycle and unfortunately I'm schedule for a surgery in two days and after the surgery I can't workout for at least 6 weeks...my question is:what to do...continue my cycle without working out or stop right now and begin PCT.is clomid and nolva contrindicated with morphine...I'm sorry if I don't write this at the right place


What kind of surgery? And is this your first cycle?

For a major surgery that's going to have a difficult rehabilitation period, I probably wouldn't want to be going through PCT at the same time. That just seems awful to me. If it's minor surgery that's just going to keep you out of the gym for a bit, but with no real recovery period other than that, I would go ahead and end the cycle.


Ombilical hernia and yes this is my first cycle.


This should have been a foreseeable surgery prior to your cycle....

If it were me, I would at least keep the cycle going through the first few weeks of recovery from the surgery. You've never gone through PCT, so you don't know how miserable it's going to be. The steroids should also help you to preserve muscle while you're not able to go to the gym.




I injected 3 days ago. Is this normal for virgin muscle? first delt injection no pain, now there's slight pain but i still did chest today kind of liked the pain. 23G 1".


I have an umbilical hernia, screw the op, 6 weeks off the gym, no way!




Can I just lower my dose of testosterone through the recovery and start the pct after?


yes. that's a pretty reasonable idea.


I'm a beast? That's a horrible picture but thanks haha


what dose are you currently running?

i think if you used 200-300 mg a week, that would keep you topped out in testosterone (in the high range, but not much over) and not cause other side effects that you might need to worry about from the surgery...

you still might wanna consult with a doc, though.


I'm at 500mg a week (2 time a week 250mg)