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6th meal...

I can fit in 5 meals fairly easily (even tho I work full time)

but the 6th I find that I run out of time for.

I read on some website recently (forgot which one, been readin so many these days) that you should eat/drink a high protein meal in the middle of the night.

Wouldn’t be a problem for me since my nightly taking of the leak in the middle of the night deal

Is this a good idea? I usually drink some milk before going to bed.

How does everyone else schedule their meals?

forgive my newbieness…

Sure, if you’re getting up anyway, a MRP
like Met-Rx, or Advanced Protein with either
added carbs (about 2/3 as many grams as protein grams) or added fat (e.g. “half and half”
is delicious, about 1/3 to 1/2 as many fat
grams added as protein grams) is a good thing.