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6th Cycle of 5/3/1


I'm very happy with all four lifts during this cycle. The axe press (213x3) is an all-time PR. The squat (415x4) is finally back on the rise, its been a long time coming. The bench (345x2) is respectable again. Finally, the deadlift (530x4) felt great. I have a new training partner and I know she has motivated me and definitely positively affected the training. I'm going to deload for a few days, then I'm exciting about starting another cycle.


Damn, strong as fuck. And solid bench arch/set up.

How much do you weigh?


since the vid is from the side and i cant tell, what's an axe press? looks like a military press?


It is an axe press, I use it so hopefully I have more carryover to strongman. Currently I weigh 255. I need to start dropping weight though, I have a LW strongman meet 4th of July (need to be 231). Thanks for the words guys.


An axe press is just a military press with the fat bar or appollon's axe.