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6th Cycle, Loss of Strength in the Deadlift


I’m on my 6th cycle of 531 and suddenly I’m not even coming close to the numbers I was last cycle. I deload every month as in the original book. Last cycle I hit a pr of 387x6 this cycle I was lucky to get 376x4. I understand you won’t set a or every workout but It’s really like I’ve gone backwards now. Im not discouraged but more or less curious as to why this is.


Weights are too heavy for you to progress. I.e your rep strength isn’t up to the prescribed poundage. Take 90% of your last calculated max (use a rep PR) and weight * reps * 0.0333 + weight. Carry on through your programme with a TM based off this number


Using my last PR from the end of my previous cycle I end up with a weight about the same as my current training max.


Do you do Good Mornings? I find when I add them in as an accessory lift they make the deadlift feel easier.


Yeah, but I dont go heavy with them, I focus more on stressing the muscle.


That’s definitely the way to go. I do 5x10 and keep the weights at a level where I can maintain very good form.


Yeah, I try to run it all by the book. I’m just trying to figure out why i’m not even getting near my previous cycle, I did in the first week, but second and third not even close. I don’t feel worn down or anything and all my other lifts are going up nicely.


Reset your TM back a few cycles. The exact same thing happened to me on cycle six. You’ll be fine. Consider running 351 for your DL for a few cycles too just for a change.


Alright I think i’ll give that a try. I guess 6months of PR’s every week had to hit a wall somewhere.


You’ve stalled. Simple as that, happens for every lift at some point.
General Advice:

  • Drop your TM back 2-3 cycles, so 20-30lbs depending on your increment
  • Change your assitance up if they’ve been the same for awhile
  • Try some programmed progression to your assitance e.g. SST or 5’s PRO, or just do 5x10 then 5x8 then 5x6 instead of the same sets/reps repeatedly.