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6P40 Quest - 11/26/07 - Week 9


Please go to the last post for my latest update on this quest...


Week 1 - October 01, 2007
"6P40 Quest is my personal quest to have a 6 pack by the time I turn 40 years old which is in about 15 weeks from now. I am turning 40 this coming January 18, 2008. As a gift to my self I decided to give my self a six pack"

Excerpt from my webpage regarding this quest http://garbes.us/6p40_quest.htm

I have been a fun of this website for the longest times, I am very quick to give T-Nations URL to people asking for for a good website regarding working out. I've also used the different supplements offered by this site. Thanks T-Nation for a great website.

Attached picture is from week 1. I was hoping for some feedback from some of you testosterone readers. More specifically if I am doing the right thing as far as my choice of Nutrisystem for the diet portion and supplement choices. Thanks in advance for all the comments.

Please ssee below for my start of week 4 picture.


I don't know about your diet, but just from the picture your quest looks very doable. You have a great starting point to go from. Also you don't look even close to 40, damn asians.


Definitely possible. It's really hard to believe you went from 7% to 5% BF because I don't notice much of a change. Careful with the caliper readings.

You look like you're under 30yo.

And yes, Pacific Islanders and Asians have it great.


You've definitely made progress in the first to second week. Not much, but it's only 1 week. If you keep up the pace you're at you'll definitely have a six pack by your birthday.

Also, make sure you're doing the caliper readings correctly, and get a shot of your legs this week. Back shots would be cool too so you can look back on them after your diet is done, but for the purposes of just documenting your progress it's not necessary.

Good Luck



Week 3 - October 15, 2007 http://garbes.us/6p40_quest.htm
Attached picture is from week 3 - It's amazing how I am fluctuating in weight by +/- 3 lbs, my BF is relatively unchanged. I used the same electronic scale at the gym consistently. I think I am gaining new muscle that is adding to my weight. What do you folks think? Thanks in advance for all the comments.


Week 3 - October 15, 2007 http://garbes.us/6p40_quest.htm
Here's a back pic - Week 3 of the quest


Week 3 - October 15, 2007 http://garbes.us/6p40_quest.htm
Here's another back pic - Week 3 of the quest


you've definitely made progress- you should be able to reach your goal. The question will be if you can keep the six pack until you're 50!


Thanks for the comment Paul. I sure will try keeping it until I am 50 and beyond. :slightly_smiling:


Just saw the pictures in your profile.. You look great!


I didnt look at the web page yet so forgive if its a bad Q, what diet are you using? If you want bad ass results do a search for the Get Shredded Diet. Its an atkins-like approach that melts fat off (currently using it myself and have never been leaner)


Oh by the way... your body fat analyzer is way off, no way are you 5%. I'd say about 10-12%. 5% is what Arnold and the guys used to be back in the day.


Lonnie thanks for the comment and advice on the diet for cutting. I am starting to doubt the reading I am getting when I measure my BF % using Omron's Body Fat Analyzer (HBF-306) http://www.omronhealthcare.com/enTouchCMS/app/viewDocument?docID=45

I will ask one of the guys at the gym tomorrow to give me a measurement using calipers. Not saying this will be accurate but at least I can compare. I will read up on the ?Get Shredded Diet? Thanks again


For sure, and you should have no problem starting to see abs by 2008 brother. 2 1/2 months on the Get Shredded Diet and you will do just that... Get Shredded. Then its onward to new goals!


nice work! I fond that when I worked my legs hard the fat came off faster and worked my core good. squat, front squat, hack squat all suck to do but pay off big in the end.

good luck!


Thanks both to you Benny's and Lonnie123 for the comment. I read about the "Get Shredded Diet" last night and my first impression was, man this will be hard to do (Body weight X 10 = Kcal) in my case, I am only 130 lbs X 10 Kcal equals 1300 Kcal/day. So I started figuring out what I ate yesterday and realized I was even below. So, in my case it'll probably not be too hard at all. My nutrient percentage intake is not exactly what the Get Shredded plan calls for and the supplementation is not exactly the same either. Reading the plan gave me a lot of really important reference for the future. I will keep my current program and see what progress I am making in 8 weeks. I will make adjustment if necessary and even do the Get Shredded Plan strictly if needed. Below is my actual food intake for yesterday, comments suggestions are always welcome. Thanks folks

Day: Tuesday October 16,2007
Food Item | Time | Kcal | Fat | Carb | Protein

BSN CellMass | 6:00 AM| 40 CAL| 0| 10| 0

Coffee | 7:00 AM |38 CAL |4.6g Fat |2g Carb| 0.6g Prot

Nutrisystem Breakfast | 7:00 AM |150 CAL| 1.5g Fat| 282g Carb |8g Prot

Prot Shake | 7:00 AM |100 CAL| 2g Fat| 22g Carb |18g Prot

Peach | 10:30 AM |31 CAL| 0.2g Fat |7.52g Carb |0.7g Prot

Kiwi | 10:30 AM |46 CAL |0.4g Fat |11.12g Carb |0.9g Prot

Nutrisystem Lunch |12:30 PM |200 CAL| 1.5g Fat| 362g Carb| 12g Prot

Prot Shake | 12:30 PM |100 CAL |2g Fat |2g Carb |182g Prot

BSN NOX | 3:30 PM| 30 CAL| 0g Fat| 7g Carb| 0g Prot

(Workout) |4:30 PM

BSN CellMass |6:00 PM| 40 CAL| 0g Fat| 102g Carb| 0g Prot

Can of Tuna | 6:30 PM |180 CAL |0g Fat |02g Carb |39g Prot

Nutrisystem Dinner |8:00 PM| 130 CAL| 5g Fat| 112g Carb| 10g Prot

strawberries |8:30 PM |24CAL| 0g Fat |2.42g Carb| 0g Prot

Total |1109Kcal |17.2g Fat | 129g carb | 107.2g Protein


I'd say that is really low, not nearly enough calories and too little protein as well. I'm not a professional on diet that's just my personal opinion.

Oh and good progress :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback....I realized that too now. I have since modified my diet to include more protein and fat. In a way it is a modified version of the "Get Shredded Diet" I created a website that documents my daily diet, supplements, workout routine and schedule. Please visit my website when you get a chance. I thank you for all the feedback.

Below is the link to my website...


U can definlty get a six pack in that time frame.


Your latest picture, on your site, already shows a six pack, IMHO.