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6ft 208lbs, 20 Years-Feel Free to Critique


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Ive been lifting on and off since I was about 16 years old for sports in school but it wasn't until after I graduated and recovered from a shoulder surgery that I started researching, getting knowledgeable, and being serious about lifting so I say serious lifting for almost 2 years. I used to go for pure size but I have seriously changed my goals and interests and have been going more for strength for the past 6 months. My current goals are strength in all my lifts and especially increase my back width.
Stats:6ft 208lbs
Squat 325x3
Deadlift 410x1 (Trouble with form as I go heavier I wont lie..need to start focusing on that)
Bench 295x3/315x1 (My butt does come off the bench when I go heavy, usually above 85%, I figured Id mention because if you have any tips or comments on that)
Incline Bench: 235x3
Seated Shoulder BB Press 185x3
Seated Shoulder DB Press 85x5
Pullups-20 for 1 set max (full chin over the bar to all the way to the bottom)
or 12 with a 1 sec pause at the top

Monday: Heavy Legs
Tuesday: Heavy Chest/Tris/Back(if I feel drained after tris I do back Wed)
Thursday: Deadlifts and Dynamic Legs-Box Squats, Jump Squats, box jumps, etc.
Friday: Shoulders/Traps/Biceps (Biceps and calves are my least focused muscle groups)
Saturday: Sprint Rountine

Diet: Every Morning I have a multivitamin, fish oil, and a protein shake. Other than that and 2 other protein shakes throughout the day I just try to eat relatively healthy and alot. I have no idea how many calories I get in and no idea how they are proportionally broken up (carbs/proteins/fats) but I am currently in the process of learning alot more about that and changing my daily diet to alot less carbs and more protein/fats.


I dont know if my last post went through so I apologise if this is a double post.

Do you have a specific strength goal or just strong in general?

From an aesthetic stand point I'd say your weakest bodyparts are Calves, Hams and arms(Biceps). Your stongest are definitely your Quads.

Although you have said your main aim is Strength i'm guessing your after some more size as you have stated you want to bring up your back width. If that is the case I'd pay more attention to how much you are eating so you can tweek your diet when you stop growing. I dont religiously count calories but I know I eat 5 meals daily at 1000kcal or more so when I stop growing I can just add 100kcal to each meal or something like that.

If you do want to get bigger dont get bogged down with complex diets. Just eat enough relatively healthy food to grow.


I do have specific strength goals along with weight goals.

By the end of June: Bench 315x5 for solid accelerated reps. Squat 405x1 and Deadlift upper 400's with solid form.
My weight goal is to be around 225lbs while maintaining same body fat % (about 13-15) of course lowering my body fat % would be great too.

And yes I would like to bring up my back width, and I have really started focusing my legs routines away from quad heavy and more toward posterior chain development.

I dont currently work on my calves at all really (any suggestions on frequency and load?) and my biceps are my least priority because of my strength goals. That being said I do want to definatly increase arm size but I seem to have the toughest time getting a good bicep workout; its just the one muscle group that I cant seem to stimulate consistently.


You have a pretty solid base, quads are def your strong part, you don't need to lower carbs as you are already lean.


Appreciate it, any suggestions on frequency and load for calf training?


Read this for calves http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/from_calves_to_cows?id=3910763&pageNo=0
You need a lot more size everywhere


I think if your not working them at all anything would be good!! try different techniques, rep ranges, volume see what works for you. As for your biceps adding accouple more exercises a week wouldnt hurt.

I agree with fd24. Dont lower your carbs. Good luck reaching your goals.


Thanks for the link, Im going to start throwing in calves 2-3 times a week. Seems like heavy and hard is the way to go so thats what Ill be aiming for.


Calves are mainly genetic, doesn't mean they can't improve but it will be hard. The muscle fascia is extremely tight surrounding the calf muscle which makes it even more difficult but just keep training them and keep trying to add size all over, that's the best way.


Yea ill keep that in mind, and Pepe531 the thing about just trying to get in 5 meals with the set number of calories makes alot of sense, kind of slap in the head duh moment. Thanks again


Bi's seem to be laggin a bit but your triceps make up for them for sure. Good quads also.


Thanks, I actually just had a bicep day sunday (because I didnt get to them during my shoulder/trap day) and I really focused on slower controlled lifts and holding at the peak of contraction for at least 1 second and it was probably my best bicep workout ever. Does anyone have any thoughts on running/playing basketball/being too intensive on legs the day before a heavy leg day? If youve found it to effect your heavy weights?


I think it will depend on what your used to. Do you play basketball often? If not you will probably be sore the next day which may or may not affect your lifts. I personally think its mental and if you can lift through the aches more power to you!! If you think it will be an issue swap your heavy leg day for an upper day. If your just shooting some hoops with some mates it prob will be ok. increase kcals that day.


Thanks Ill keep that in mind. Im currently looking into splitting routine to 2 leg days a week and 2 chest/back days (with arms/shoulders being worked in in those upper days). Has anyone flat benched twice a week before? And if I want to use 4 heavy leg exercises my two leg days (back squat/front squat/deadlift/boxsquat/romanian deads) what split of those would you guys suggest?


I understand that you're 20 years old and feel like you have all the energy in the world but if you deadlift, squat, and romanian deadlift twice a week each your lower back will be taking a beating and it will be very difficult to go through the workouts with the necessary intensity to induce a physiological response. I would suggest doing legs and back once a week keeping them at least 3 days apart and start your leg workout with front squats and start your back workout with deadlifts. Deadlifting and squatting are so important and doing them on the same day would be hindering potential gains you can be making by seperating them and starting out your workouts with them. If you're having trouble with form as you go heavy on your deadlifts find out what your threshold is as far as keeping good form and don't go over that amount of weight until your CNS adapts and you're able to handle it properly.

As far as your back arching when you're benching heavy if that happens than stop going that heavy. I understand that you're 20 and you can do heavy weights where you're doing 3 reps to failure each time but after a while something has to give and from my experience it's usually your joints. (I used to do the same thing and my elbow starting hurting at ~ 22). As far as your diet you said in the morning when you wake up you have a multivitamin, fish oil, and a protein shake. I would suggest adding in ~30 grams of fast digesting carbs first thing than a multivitamin, fish oil, and a protein shake. The fast digesting carbs will replenish the glycogen in your muscles that were depleted during sleep as well as increase amino acid uptake into your bloodstream(making the protein shake digest even faster). Right now I've been drinking a half of those little bottles of POM wonderful pomegranate juice as my main source of FDCarbs but any type of juice/gatorade will do. As far as your physique goes your quads and triceps are impressive.


freshmanverve-thanks I appreciate the advice I actually had my deadlift day a few days ago and really focused on form, even had a guy that lifts at my gym watch me and call me on it. It felt great, no rounding and eventually worked up to 395x3. I got 405 for 1 and on my second attempt I could feel my back start to round so I dropped the weight.

For the first time I felt my entire upper back/hams get sore the next few days not just lower back..hope thats a good sign thanks again


Video of squat form, had a bad day squatting yesterday so I spent some time on my form today. Did 5 reps of 3 of 275, enough weight to give resistance but still light enough to use a few different set ups. Really just wondering about my foot width apart from one another, looking to really feel it in my hamstrings and glutes, I almost never feel it in my glutes. Any critiques are welcomed. Thank you


i don't see the vid of the squat..........if u want to feel it in your glutes
than you should try sumosquatting where you use a wide leg stance.......
the standard squat stance of slightly wider than shoulder width will hit
ur quads more so than ur glutes.......do what feels "natural" to you........
usually with a wider stance you'll be able to squat more since ur glutes
are a very strong muscle group.......do what feels like it's working and
most importantly be safe......im bout to go hit my legs right now.....
looking forward to squatting.......


for my glutes i like to do bridges lying on my back at the gym
towards the end of my leg workout i usually burn out on those
it looks kinda gay but if you find a corner to hide in and burn
out on those at the you;ll definetely feel it in your glutes
the next day


uhh who the hell is so embarassed of an exercise they find a corner to hide in and perform it?