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6ft, 195lbs at the End of a Bulk


I am just under 6', weighing 195. I've been lifting for 3 years, started at 155.
For the last year I have been focusing more on strength than hypertrophy, trying to get my lifts up. I'm still really weak, but I'm in no rush, I know strength will come with time.

Can somebody give me a good estimate of my body fat %? Preferably somebody that knows what they're talking about.

I think I'm at about 12% right now (pictures are at the end of the day, having not lifted at all today). I want to get down to 9-10%. I was thinking of going on a one month cut just to shed off a little fat, and keep training heavy during this period in order to not lose strength.

Can you guys give me some insight as to how I should go about doing this? I was thinking about incorporating HIIT sprints a few times a week and slightly lowering carbs while keeping my lifts as heavy as possible. Would 4 weeks be long enough to get down 1-2% body fat?

Thanks for any input.


Aren’t you the same dude that posted on that other forum website asking about cutting and saying you wanted to compete in the 181’s?


Hello buddy,

After reading your post and looking at your pictures, I would say you are probably close to right as to the percentage of body fat that you are. If I may ask, Why do you want to lose 1 to 2 percent of body fat? You are 6 foot at 195lbs, so you are still pretty lean and it doesn’t look like your body fat is out of control to me. I don’t think a cut would be in your best interest personally. It all depends on your aesthetic preference but I think that you could stand to put on a bit more size to first before a cut.

I would be curious to know what your lifts are. I know you said you are in the weak category and yes the strength will come with time. Please post some numbers though.

This is just advice though.

All the best,