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6ft 188lbs 22yo 13 Month Progress


currently 7-8% approx
squat 400lbs
dead 530lbs
bench 315lbs
just thought I'd post an update of my progress and looking for some criticism
I already know about the calves I'm trying lol
heres my before pic at 158lbs


after pic


methinks your before pic was 188 lbs and your after is much higher?

Either way that is some sick progress. Nicely done

[x] In before you get flamed for not posting required pics


ahh just read the rules back pic no worries..
that first pic was november 2009 @ 72kg/158.4lbs
and the after pic was 2 days ago @ 85.5kg/188.1lbs
and yes at 6foot haha thanx its a compliment anyway :slight_smile:


Real nice progress. What is your approach to training like?


yeah it's definitely a compliment and it makes me cry a little inside. I'm 5'10" and struggling to get over 200 (currently 196) and you look bigger than me. You're very lean though. I've got some work to do!


Thanx brah well during the 13 months training was OVT to start with then moved on to a 5 day split for a while which was
Mon: Legs
Tues: chest
Wed: back
Thurs: shoulders
Fri: Arms
then back to ovt and now currently on a 4 day split which is
Mon: quads
tues: chest/bis
thurs: hammies/shoulders
fri: back/tris
and when doing my own splits pretty much the first exercise of a muscle group I go heavy usually up to a 3 rep max or a 1 rep max and the rest of the program is pretty much bodybuilding


good progress
depending what your goal is for the future...but im sure its to get big...so eat eat eat
i find proper peri-nutrition gets u big and keeps you fairly lean and veiny


...I will fly to Australia...

I mean, great work. I think it goes without saying to add mass, I think that's something most people here should be chasing a lot of the time anyway.

So, 9.


You have good structure for bodybuilding. Lots of filling out to do.


Good progress man. What weight and ~BF % did you go up to before cutting back to your current weight? I'm currently bulking. Started at 74kg, 5'10" last June and about the same leanness as you. I'm at 81kg now (still 5'10" though) and planning on hitting 85kg by March. I had it in my head to cut then but I may increase further.


well at the moment current goal is to lean bulk for a couple of months then maintain for now, I dont want to get too much bigger, no interest in competing in bb, I like the lean aesthetic look but might compete in powerlifting just missed a 260kg deadlift (6 plates a side) today got it 3/4 way up at 86.2kg for 2 attempts.. I'll get it next week :slightly_smiling:

haha thanx Nikki :wink:

Thanx Bonez but but if I was going to compete physique wise I'd probably aim for more of a swimsuit/beachbody type comp

I got up to about 92kg@approx 12-13% then cut down to 82kg@approx 8% then been lean bulking from there now currently 86.2kg as of today, if you want to get to 85kg keep bulking and cut later haha I did it the wrong way dirty bulked it, but it worked so yay :slightly_smiling:


I'm also 5'10" and around 189-190 (but not 22 years old, more like 40). Shooting for around 195 before cutting. You may want to do the same, possibly even going to 200.

The one thing I learned when cutting previously is that you often need to shed more fat than you originally anticipate, so it's better to start your cutting phase with more muscle mass (even if you need to have a little more fat to get there). In my case, I anticipate having to lose 15 pounds to really be lean (bringing my end weight down to 180). Doing the numbers, if I'm at 12% body fat when I hit 195, that leaves me with 171.6 pounds of LBM. To bring my body fat down to 7% or so (a reasonably healthy level to maintain year-round if I choose), I'll need to lose 5% of my body weight, or around 10 pounds of pure fat. Needless to say, cutting will cause some water loss and a little bit of LBM loss, so that makes up for the other 5 pounds.

The OP has made remarkable progress while maintaining a great state of leanness. He'll need to cut very little body if and/or when he chooses to diet, so he'll probably end up being 185.

I really miss my early-20s when doing this sort of thing was much, MUCH easier. :frowning:




Im 22 and from Australia.

Looks like Iv got a big 13 months ahead if Im gonna look like that

Good job


Nice work mate

(another aussie here)


Great work mate,
I look pretty similar to your first photo and am starting a bulking program (clean though) on Monday.
Hope to follow the fellow aussie footsteps. (Not on the tan though - bloody england).
Keep it up