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6am Workouts? Need Some Advice


my schedule has changed so now i must workout 4x a week at 6am. normally during my workouts i consume a 1/2 serving of Surge followed by the other 1/2(w/creatine) right after.

i was wondering what would be good to consume before my workout? or should i just drink an entire surving of Surge during my workout, and then have breakfast after working out. would a small bowl of oatmeal before be beneficial or is it too close to my workout to consume a meal like that?


Try to get a 'real' breakfast, a mix of medium and complex carbs plus some fast protein.

small bowl of oats is fine.


would an rtd be beneficial then? or say the oats/Metabolic Drive low carb, which is my normal pwo bfast when i work out in the morning.

tho normally i let it digest for an hour before working out


I've been working out at 5am for quite some time now and prefer it over an evening workout because of the traffic in the gym. Lately I've been consuming 4 BCAA's and one T-pill before my workout and sipping 2 scoops of Surge in 16oz's of water during my workout. During the workout I consume 4 more BCAA's and directly after consume 4 more BCAA's. About 45 minutes to an hour later I consume my breakfast which is usually 3 omega3 eggs and a bowl of oatmeal. This seems to work for me and I don't feel full or bloated. You'll have to see what works for you.


thanks that actually sounds like a good plan to me, i think i might give that a try


I will almost always get a serving of oats and some chopped walnuts before I workout.


Try this:

1 cup yogurt
1 cup milk
two scoops protein
1 banana (or 1 cup fruit of your choice)
blend and drink on your way to the gym.

work out


One hour later, 6 eggs, 2 pancakes, 2 big sausages, coffee.

As for "letting yourself digest an hour before your work out..." Why? Do you think you'll get cramps, like your momma said you'd do if you ate and then went swimming? If a guy would eat up to ten BCAA tabs right before their work out, then why wouldn't anyone else eat a friggin' meal?

Sheesh, the urban myths abound!

Your body is a complex machine, capable of multi-tasking!!! It can handle food at the same time as working out... Unless you're squat day is so extreme you find yourself puking. If that's the case, don't eat before. But if your avatar is any indicator, this is not the case. Train harder dude. You look soft.

Oh, and one last tidbit... eat protein with every meal. that "little bit of oatmeal" sucks as a meal in of itself.

/guns smokin'


Why are you drinking Low-Carb Metabolic Drive with oatmeal? Are you afraid of having more carbs than absolutely necessary?

Also, don't sip the Surge, slam it. You want the nutrients available to you while you train, right? Your body absorbs the liquid better if you provide more of it at once, not with little girly sips.