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6'9" Big Guy Weekly Routine


I’m 27 years old, 6’9" (206 cm) tall and I weigh around 275 lbs (125 kgs). Been lifting for quite some time now, but just recently decided to get big, like really big. So I would like to ask your comments about a training plan I got from a personal trainer.
Been following it for about 2 months now and not much to complain about. Just thought maybe I could get some feedback to change a couple of exercises based on my size, etc.

Sorry if something is not understandable. It was all in my native language and I had to translate it to English.

NB! I eat around 3400 calories a day and I train in the mornings around 6.45 AM until 8.15 AM.

Normal rest is 60-75 seconds between sets.
Exercises with tilted letters have 45 seconds rest.
And the ones in Bold take 2-3 minutes rest (for strength)

Monday: Chest + 1 light back
Bench press: 5x5-8 (first week 5x5, second 5x6, third 5x7 and fourth 5x8 - thereafter I raise the weight and start with 5x5 again)
Incline dumbbell bench press: 4x8
Decline bench press: 4x10
Dumbbell/cable flyes: 4x12
Cable pulldown behind neck: 5x15
Plank (core/abs): 4x1min (raise every time)

Tuesday: Legs
Squat: 5x5-8
Lunges with dumbbells: 4x16 steps
Front squat: 4x8
Lying leg curls: 4x10
Seated leg extension: 4x10
Standing calf raises: 4x8

Wednesday: Shoulders
Standing dumbbell flyes: 4x12
Barbell chin raise: 4x12
Seated(crunched) dumbbell flyes: 4x15
Cable rows wide grip: 4x15
Standing military press: 3x20
Crunches (abs): 4x12

Thursday: Back + light chest
Pull ups: 5x5-8 (I’m using little counter resistance, as I’m not that strong yet)
Bent over barbell row: 4x8
Neutral grip lat pulldown: 3x10
Cable row: 3x10
Lat pullover machine: 3x12
Romanian deadlift: 4x8
Bench press with dumbbells: 5x15

Friday: Triceps/Biceps + light legs
Dips: 4x8
Dumbbell overhead triceps extension: 4x10
Wide grip triceps pushdown with rope: 4x12
Barbbell biceps curl: 4x8
Dumbbell preacher curl (one hand): 4x10
Barbbell preacher curl: 4x12
Leg press: 5x15

Thank you for reading this long-ass post!

IMO, anyone who wants to get REALLY big like you said should be squatting at least 2x per week. The squat is really the king mass builder. This is more of a bodybuilding split… Its not bad but in my opinion would be better suited for someone who already has a decent physique. You don’t need an entire day for arms … I’d maybe replace that with another lower body day and just compensate by adding some tricep stuff on your bench day and curls on your back day. You’ll stimulate much more full body growth and mass (torso thickness, etc) by squatting more.

In these two months, how has your bodyweight changed? How has your strength on the basic lifts changed?

3,400 calories is pretty low for someone 275 pounds trying to get bigger. So I’d focus on nutrition just as much as the training.

Lee Boyce has a ton of info about training for bigger-framed guys. Definitely check out his articles. Specifically, How to Build Mass and Training for Tall Guys both have detailed routines you might want to consider or use as a guideline.

Are there any exercises you don’t particularly feel hitting the target muscle? Work on those first and either adjust your form or use techniques like pausing in the stretch or contracted position to increase muscle tension.

Also, machines like the leg press, leg extension, or even pulldowns aren’t really built for larger-than-average limbs so those are probably going to require some tweaks and/or alternatives. I’m 6’2" but still need to kneel on the ground behind the pulldown seat to allow my arms to fully extend at the top. Basically this, so my hips are braced against the back of the seat:

Thank you for the reply.
Definitely something I should try doing. I see a viable point there.

Many thanks for the reply!

Something I forgot to mention before, is that I’m currently trying to remove a little bit of body fat. So I’ve actually lost around 13 pounds over the past 2-3 months. That’s why the calorie intake isn’t that big.
But I’m eating clean and gaining size.

My strength in basic lifts has increased tremendously, but that would be because I had a long pause before these two-three months. So I’m gaining back my old strength.

The articles from Lee Boyce seem to be very informative and I’ll definitely will be reading all of these through and might implement some of it.

Fortunately my gym has good machines which do even fit a big guy like me, to get full ROM.

For ‘big, like really big’ these would be better…

Also at 6’9 youre prob going to need one or two days a week hitting 4000+ cals to fill out your frame

Your trainer doesnt seem to be a big fan of training economics when it comes to exercise selection. A few of the movements are redundant by my view point.

This looks bad ass.

Think I’m going for it after I’m done with my current routine in three weeks.

I’ll share the end results here.