675 Deadlift by November?

I have a PW competition coming up in november and my current max for deadlift is about 600. About to max in a few weeks but my last max was 585. Anyways I wonder if any of y’all could give me any advice for this kind of jump in less than 6 months. Here’s my routine:
2x12 65% week 1
2x10 70% week 2
2x8 75% week 3
2x6 80% week 4
2x4-5 85% week 5
2x3 90% week 6
2x2 95% week 7
These two working sets are followed by:
My accessory lifts are t-bar and pull-ups followed by fronts squats the following day. Anyways i was just wanting some advice or possibly a different program to make this 75lb pr possible.
I’ve made steady gains with this over the past year using this program but I’m starting to feel that its gonna plateau out soon.

I don’t want to say that its unlikely you can get to 675 by November, but it will definitely be tough. Is your max 585 or 600? You don’t stay at peak strength year around unfortunately. Regarding the plan, if you feel it works for you then do it. Doing high reps for deadlift has never done anything for me, I know people there are plenty of people on this board who favor them though.

I took my deadlift from 655-700 from May to November by following an alternating heavy/light week plan and finding the right assistance movements. If something is working, don’t change it. It won’t work forever but just because you have trained a certain way for a year or so doesn’t mean its obsolete now and has to be altered.

I must not be peaking then because my max is 585 going on 600 knock on wood. Pulled 545 for doubles. And all the high reps are after I do my two heavier sets. The high rep sets destroy my back so I was thinking about cutting them down to help recovery time.

To put it in a perspective a little, say your goal is 675 or 635 or 800 the process is still the same you just need to keep getting stronger and more technically proficient with the lift. You keep doing that and you will eventually pull 7 plates and so on. Just find the training plan that works for you and put 100% into it and whatever you hit in competition in November is the result of that.

are you assisted or natural? And if you’re natural, would you be willing to change that? This, in my opinion, would be the easiest way to make the jump.

Assisted as in roids? nahh

[quote]t-kil wrote:
Assisted as in roids? nahh[/quote]

Then you won’t likely reach your goal in the time you’re allowing. Who knows, though. It’s not an impossible goal. Just do your best and see what happens.

You definitely need to identify your weak point in the lift and start hammering on it. You said pullups and t-bar rows are your assistance lifts; where do you fail the lift?