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670x3 Deadlift 181 Class Lifter


This is too impressive not to share. This kid's going to break the all time tested record soon.


Crazy especially how relatively small he is. Dunno how someone could get to that sort of lifting without being an absolute behemoth


This is insane. That technique looks really strange but obviously it's working for him!




It's like a semi-sumo rounded back RDL... If someone was using form like that and asked me for advice at the gym I'd be giving a ton of pointers... but wow he makes it work to say the least!


Ed Coan pulled "semi-sumo" sometimes too... i might try it out now


Yeah, semi sumo with a rounded upper back.


I'm not knocking the guy in the OP vid, as I said he makes it work but even Ed Coan used a lot more leg drive and didn't round his back to this degree.

Needless to say, an impressive lift.


You're correct about him not using much leg drive. I've competed against brett before and he has a very strong lower back. He has another video where he does 585 deficit sldl for reps.


Big weight. I hope his back holds out.


The first rep looked acceptable. The last two though... With this weight maintaining form through a whole set is unlikely for a relatively inexperienced lifter