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'67 Cougar


I had to give it away today. My good old '67 Mercury Cougar XR-7. It makes me sad enough I think I could cry...... :frowning:


Post a pic.


No I won't post one, sorry guys. I will get to see it again though as the new owner is in town. He'll be able to do with it what I intended on doing and may give me a ride in it in the future.... I can't bare to post a pick. It was my first car. :frowning:


What you mean you HAD to give it away?

I sure hope you mean you at least sold it for a buttload of money, unless of course it was more bondo than metal..

Hey is that on of the years that had those cool rear turn signals that went inside to outside?


I sold it as I don't have the time or money to do what I want to with it, but it was in pretty decent shape. The guy I sold it to was very excited about it. He's going to replace everything with a 90s 5.0 . Yes it does have the sequential tails lights. They were mesmerizing. I felt like I was giving it away though since the money felt like nothing to me..... that car was so much fun. I just can't deal with it right now or even in the next 10 years as school is my new priority.