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67,291 Bodyweight Squats in 2011


Something I am currently attempting to accomplish is a year long squat program where we do one squat a day for what day of the year it is (We are doubling the January values since the numbers are so low). Anyway, I want to get everyone's input on the squat program and what you think might be able to improve or help out along the way.

This is what the squat numbers will look like
Jan 1st: 2 squats
Jan 2nd: 4 Squats
Jan 31st: 62 Squats
Feb 1st: 32 squats
Feb 2nd: 33 Squats
December 31st, 2011: 365 Squats

Total 67,291 Bodyweight squats in 2011

Does anyone have any idea what side effects or benefits will come from such high volume squats? Is it even possible for me to continue to do this when I get in to the later months?


the result will probably be complete boredom, extremely microscopic strength gains, and barely any hypertrophy.

my personal belief is that "squat program" would be better performed by soccer moms who just like to feel a bit of a burn in the buns & thighs, no serious "male athlete" should ever waste such time, unless, you meant putting your bodyweight on a barbell and squatting it that many times each day.. but i seriously doubt that's the case.





imagine doing only 2 bodyweight squats on jan 1 etc.. or 4 on jan 2..

imagine that..

i'm still laughing my ass off thinking about that.


These first days are AWESOME! I just finished my 20 squats for today. I am thinking about using weight while the reps are lower, but the main point of not using weight is so I can do the workout anywhere I want. I have a weighted vest and a few dumbbells I am going to try out tomorrow and see how I feel!

An alternate solution I have been thinking about is instead of linearly going up in reps, I go up in Power so that if I feel like squatting heavy one day I can and not mess up my program...the main goal is to do some sort of squatting movement everyday this year.


I suggest recording every squat and posting it on youtube.


I have thought about it.


that sounds like a dumb idea. what is the point of doing this?


Would be better if you added a kilogram each day. It would be equally as pointless, but infinitely more challenging.


this is a parody thread, right? Not really that funny.


I think it would lead to the damage that many people wrongly say squats create.

Though I do use the same basic idea with pull ups...I use a hand counter thing (you push the button and it counts up on a little dial) and see how fast I can get to 999 pull ups and it rolls over.

I haven't actually gotten it to 999 yet. I started in October and got to 235 or something then decided to reset it for 2011 and am at 65 now.


why did you reset it? did you add weight? if you didn't, this makes no sense and i'm amazed people are doing this on here..


Are you on a normal program, or even lifting weights at all? Why are you doing this? I guess it's admirable to stick with it, but what if you miss a day? This sounds like the most boring thing ever. How did you come up with the random number of squats? What the fuck is going on here?


I did it because I wanted to start again in the new year.
It didn't really erase my old ones. No big deal.


For January I doing two squats a day:

For February to December I am doing the number of squats that is equal to the day of the year

January+Feb+...+December = 67,291

If I miss a day, which God help me if I do, I will have to make it up the very next day. The beauty of the program is that no matter where I am at I can do bodyweight squats so unless I get hurt I will be able to finish the program. It's been fun so far, and shouldn't take any more than 12-15minutes a day when I get up to the higher numbers. I am still lifting: deadlifting, leg presses, weighted squats (for now), I am just making the body weight squats 1st priority.




So how did it go?

P.S. I don't understand the hate. Why not.


I seriously lol'd.


I don't get the Chad reference! Help!


I think it's to do with this.


Maybe not though.