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6'7" 260, 5/3/1 Progression Advice? Accessory Work for Tall Lifter?

Been on 5/3/1 for three months about to test new max’s soon. Looking for good progression goals based on current max’s which are in profile. Also some advice as to which accessory movements would work best for optimal stength gains specifically for my height. Thanks

If you can’t bother to write out what you have been doing or what your maxes are, what makes you think anyone - especially Jim - is going to go looking for it?

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I should name myself tall_lifter_717

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Here are my suggestions with progression goals - 5 more lbs or 1 more rep; one step at a time.

I’ve only trained a handful of super tall lifters and we did nothing different other than try to train smarter and harder. Due to poor leverages, I assume you are already hammering the hell out of the midsection to make it as wide/thick as possible. So keep doing that and keep eating.

Remember to not expect the world if you are willing to give it all.

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Do it up

Looks like he noticed

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