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660 First MAX Effort Dead in about 2 Years


I should made the jump from 635 to 670. Instead went to 660 and gased out. Pretty smooth 660.


Awesome !


Man, the more I watch myself. I have a HUGE ASS.



Nice pull.


was that beltless? fuck...


I never use a belt. Just good ole chalk and grip n rip.


your a stronger (and healthier) man than me....


Great pull! 670 or a little more is in the bag when you want to go for it.


How long have you been using the rollout at the start of the movement? Do you find that it helps a lot?


Thanks for all the comments guys. Appreciate it.

Ive used the rollout for a long time. I used to just Get a deep breathe and go down and pull. I found I was always pulling ass high, and a Flatter Back. The rollout allows me to get my ass and hips low and my fat belly out of the way. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Thanks, great pull especially beltless, you`ve got a lot more in you.


Goddamn. Nice lift dude. Your form looked flawless on that.



That was awesome! What's even more impressive about it is the fact that you are not one of those Andy Bolton wannabes who uses triple-ply deadlift suits and get fat just to gain leverage!

Great job dude! I wish I could pull that weight...


Holy shit, that is my gym!

Nice pull man


You do know rolled up camo shorts are cheating, right? You can't see the crease of the hip. You could have been standing up already and made it an optical illusion.

Good shit man. This is actually one of the most technically sound heavy deadlifts that have been posted on here.


thats your gym?

well, if your in rochester mn then it might be.


thanks stb.

next time ill eoll the camo shorts higher lol.

found out on warmups they sagged to low. got just below knee and damn bar was getting caught.

have to wear something else mext time.

thinking pink undies


A big ass is a sign of strength haha

Nice pull, very smooth.