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660 Deadlift in 2 Months?



is it possible for me to progress to a 661 deadlift, 300kg, in about 2-2.5 months? my best pull was 617 (280kg) about 3 months ago,and since then i haven’t PR’d, but i have pulled high reps consistently, all from a dead stop. My best set for reps was 515 for 7 reps from a 1 inch deficit. Is there a way for me to use bands or maybe tap and go to overload the top portion? i usually do my accessories next day, but usually they are heavy barbell rows, pull-ups, a machine row variation, and weighted or banded hyperextensions. i haven’t failed in the last year but when i do fail, its usually right below the knee. Would i benefit from doing GHR’s(i can’t actually do a full one, but assisted or even just the ham work) or RDL’s just for the ham work? good mornings don’t really do a whole lot for me.


Depends, I’ve done it recently but made a drastic switch stance wise which I should have done long ago cause my sumo is insanely strong. Also you say you hit 617 3 months ago, what are you maxing right now? That will tell you if your likely to hit it. I’d say if you pull 617 or less as a max now then it’s unlikely you’ll hit 300kg in 2-2.5 months without a major change in your lifting.


Unlikely. Why the rush? Why not get 285 kg first? Then you only have 15 kg to go.


You can’t really plan how much progress you are going to make in a certain amount of time. Just take what you can get and don’t give up.


Agreed. I used to play these mental gymnastics games all the time, reasoning 'well I put 50 lbs on the bar in 1 year, in another 6 months I’ll have 25 more.

Doesn’t work that way as progress, at least for me, has become non-linear and somewhat hard to predict.

This whole powerlifting thing is best thought of as a marathon than a sprint. I turn 49 this year and intend to still be putting more weight on the bar at 59.