66 Pound/30kg Squat PR

I’ve been following 5/3/1 since august now, and since I’m in my 1s week and things felt good I went for a PR. My previous PR before this was 170kg/375 pounds. My new PR today was 200kg/440 pounds! Either it’s something wrong with me or I just need to do a bit more effort with my squats. Because 30kg/66pound PRs are just ridiculous!

Not perfect technique, but this is 30kg/66 pounds heavier than I’ve ever tried with squats, haha.

Anyone here ever had such big bumps in performance?

Nice job letting hard work pay off! You definitely had more in you as well! Keep up the training and PR’s will keep coming.

Looks like you even had a couple more kilo in you… Well done! I’m jealous of your squat.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Nice job, thats a big jump even for a training PR.

It just means you are awesome.

Well, if you never ever max out, keep training hard, and are not advanced why should it not happen after a couple months.

Right to depth crazy shit! Now you have to reset your numbers mr beast mode. My biggest jump was probably when I was a beginner. Now its ten here ten there. I shall try 2 hit 375 squat this coming weak that would be around 30 pound pr or so.

What sort of assistance work do you do in your 5/3/1. maybe thats contributed to your great jump in numbers??

Haha, thanks guys! Hope you nail your squat Jlabs :slight_smile:

Beatso: for assistance I’ve been doing romanian deadlifts, hypers and legcurls pretty much. I do some abs occasionaly, but I’m not religious with it. Ab-wheels and planks pretty much.

Awesome work, man.