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6'6 300


back double bicep


back lat






most muscular



What are your goals?
If i would give you one negative, then I would say that your legs are probably not on par to the upper body. Need better pictures from front and side to evaluate your wheels.



Definitely a large stature person, but like above what are your goals? If it is bodybuilding, you are going to need so much size to fill out that frame.. I don't even know if its possible.

And nothing against you OP personally just your height is going to severely work against you.


I think it's possible. Just continue to do what your doing.


Nice log by the way Bauber. I lurked on it for awhile.


Thanks bro I need to do a few updates to it. Just life gets busy!

And OP definitely just keep smashing the weights buddy. And just curious by why are you not making millions playing pro football as a tackle? =P.


i am a strongman, not training for bodybuilding, just wanted an honest physique evaluation.
appreciate all the feedback


my goals are pretty vague
id like to be as strong as possible while looking good at the same time


not to get off topic but if yall are curious


Then keep it up bro. Looking good and you have the build and size for strongman comps honestly. Absolute behemoth.


thanks for motivation



Ok, fair enough. So you have the same goal as 95% of the lifters in the world.. :wink:

No additional pictures of your legs, as requested? Only then can we give you an honest feedback.

Apart from that, as I have already stated, you are a strong and big mf'er!


thats what people are telling me, got a competition coming up strongman comp in south carolina working on that pro card


Pictures never do a big guy justice! I did like the over-head press video.


Impressive OH Press!