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6'6'', 205. How to Add Size?


I am a middle-aged basketball player who spent the bulk of his existence running away from the weight room. I would do JUST ENOUGH to keep the coaches happy, but now, I wish to improve upon my rail-like physique.

I am not proned to gaining weight by eating a lot of stuff (so, 3500 calories a day will not be my route); I am 6'6", and 205 lbs....with a HIGH metabolism

I have been weight-training for most of the summer, and some say that I have made sufficient gains (in my physical appearance).....but, I am ready to ramp up my routines (getting bored)

The overall goal of my workouts is to increase my tri/bi size - basically a total body increase
My legs are chicken-like, but they are strong (calves defined)

How can I get the results I desire, and not get bored doing so ?

Also, should I be doing more weight, less reps.....or vice-versa ?

I know that this entry might be confusing - I am just trying to get a feeler for some things that have worked for other SKINNY guys.....Thanx !




Ding Dongs

You want the truth, man? Milk and D-Bol.


What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

How much bodyweight have you gained in the last 8 weeks?

What's your current strength level on the basic exercises (squat, deadlift, bench press, row, overhead press, pulldown/pull-up)?

What kind of training have you been doing (days, exercises, sets, and reps)?

Also, what's your current basketball schedule like? Do you have practices/games often?

Sorry to hit you with a bunch of questions, but your situation is kinda vague, so the more info we have, the better we can help.

The basic plan is, no surprise, eat more than you've been eating and lift heavy. As far as it being boring, that's just a matter of your own motivation. Either you've got it and the work is worth it, or you don't.


Op, What's the end result look like?


I had to re read your post a few times. Are you sure you are not 16? Tri/bi size - basically a whole body routine?? Calves defined? Not proned? High metabolism??

While sticking to the facts only, post your diet and goals. Real goals.


This is a total troll job.

In the off chance it's not... OP I was 6'3" 180 and the only way to grow is to eat. Currently @ 6'3 225, still gaining, and it's taking me nearly 5,000 cals/day to keep putting on pounds. I've tried a number of programs and supplements (all legal) and the only thing that tracks consistently with muscle growth is high food intake. Any non-retarded program will put on muscle with proper calories/protein.


yeah really I will not be eating 3500 LOL!
Yeah try 5500 and see if that works.

There are some big tall guys on this site. If any chance this is for real HipScar is 6'6 280ish he has a log in the indigo logs you can PM him he's very helpful. Its gonna be eat a shitton and left hella heavy though.

3500 LOL!


3500 calories is that just in your a.m. meals. Lol j/k. Try eating a lot more than you have been going off your vague description I would say about 1500 to 2000 more. As far as not making it boaring get a IPod or something


I never got this idea that workouts get "boring". I mean if you're pushing yourself to (or past) your limits and training with intensity, how could it ever get "boring"?

I think you're doin it wrong