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65+ Training


I have a new gym going in not far from my current one. A gym buddy and I are considering joining and keeping our current memberships. The new one is supposed to be a little more hardcore. I’m not sure if I can leave my current gym. I have been there since they opened 15 years ago, and I have kind of worked my way up to being one of the big dogs there.


I recommend trying a new gym. Workouts at different gyms and workouts around
strong(er?) guys can benefit a guy who did “lifeless leg 505 rack pulls”. I know my
new gym environment produced my 275 barbell rows a few weeks ago. Temp gym will too.

Just remember which direction to point the car on gym days.


1/22 old gym

kettlebells 4 x 20 w/40, 50, 50, 50

dumbbell bench 3 x 10 w/35s, 55s, 75s
machine cable flyes 3 x 10 @ up to about probably 190 (need to revert to regular cable flyes with accurate weights)
machine press 3 x 8 @ 85, 100, 120
easy machine press 3 x 10 @ 130
tricep pushdowns 3 x 10 up to 120, 10 sec hold last rep each set

Lfeless today but I showed up.


1/25 temp gym (will replace new gym Feb 1)

garage pullups 2 x 7

kettlebell swings 4 x 20 @ 35, 50, 50, 50

deadlifts 2 x 10 @ 155, 265, 1 @ 300
cable rows 3 x 10 @ 165, 210, 220
glute ham machine raises 3 x 10

Too stubborn to have skipped deads today.


Stubborn can be a good thing! And lifeless and showing up is Priceless!


1/26 old gym

kettlebell warmup 4 x 20 w/35,50, 50. 50
dumbbell bench 3 x 10 w/40s, 60s, 90s
cable flyes 3x10 up to 140
low cable flyes 3 x 10 up to about 100
preacher bench 3 x 8 @ 90, 100, 115

1/29 no gym
garage pullups 7/6/6

Gym was closed at 5 am so skipped. Was motivated from yesterday’s absence due to court preparation. Also had computer glitch for this website.


Court prep?
That doesn’t sound like fun for someone.
Are you a practicing attorney?


Presently enjoying my 42nd year practicing. It would be even more enjoyable if office’s new computer operating system didn’t totally screw up my tnation login ability. I think something similar happened to old goat in last year or so. What’s funny is that I can log into Biotest store with usual log information, but not here.


Congratulations. That’s an impressive accomplishment.
I use my phone to log in and out at work.
Computerization has been a dissatisfying experience at my Hospital.


42 years. That’s an awesome accomplishment.


Easy if one does regular workouts.


Taking a long term approach to regular training can add years to a successful career, particularly after the age of 50. Those who don’t do much age much faster and lose vitality. Those of us who continue to train are able to stay in the game for longer.




2/4 temp gym

garage pullups 2 x 7

kettlebell swings 4 x 20 @ 35, 50, 50, 50
deadlifts 1 x 8 @ 155, 1 x 6 @ 255, 1 x 3 @ 275
barbell rows 3 x 10 @ 255
tricep cable extensions 3 x 10 @ something that felf like 130, but wasn’t so labeled
some dumbbell laterals leaning from gym rack

My first time using preworkout coffee and it didn’t help deads. Replacing new gym with temp gym. Like the interactions there.


2/5 old gym

machine bench press 3 x 10 up to 220
cable flyes 3 x 10 up to about 150
low cable flyes 3 x 10 up to about 100
machine press 3 x 8 @ 90, 110, 130
different machine press 3 x 8 up to 135
preacher curls 3 x 8 @ 90, 90, 110


Good curls.
Preacher curls are a favorite of mine. I miss not having a preacher bench. The arm blaster is nice, but it’s not the preacher bench.


Sometimes I need a coffee and energy drink to be ready for a workout. Probably not good for blood pressure but it wakes me up.

Congratulations on your long career. You must either know what you’re doing or fake it well.


Clee78, preacher curls have always produced the best bicep results for me.


NHJLFTR, no faking here. I am steadfastly jealous of yours and Crippler’s lifting. I wish now I had pushed my strength workouts in my 40s.

Keep up the great lifting, coffee or not. You’re a good motivator.


2/6 office

1 x 50 pushups

Got to get back to handstand ones to get the shoulders stronger.