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65+ Training


Smart to stop when the shoulder acted up…live to train another day!


2 x 10 pullups.

Lazy today.



pullups 2 x 10
50 pushups

Helped a friend’s son assemble a great rack for his home gym last weekend. Looks just like photo of one CL posted recently. He’s a 32 year old workout fanatic so it’ll get used a lot.


50 push ups is good. Looks like a lot of people are opting to set up home gyms. With the availability of equipment at an affordable cost looks like the wave of the future.



10 experimental pullups with various hand placements. I want these to be more back than arm exercises, but they’re certainly helping biceps and forearms.

50 pushups.

Absence of carbs is reducing the last lingering fat areas. Just not fast. Otherwise, body feels solid.

The bodyweight stuff won’t kill me, but I want others around while lifting weights. I don’t feel my age but I’m a realist.



vacation starts tomorrow afternoon

weekend pullups 2 x 10 each day
50 pushups


7/25 First day back from vacation and I saved a client’s house from foreclosure. What a rush. Love it.

50 pushups daily about 50% of time on vacation. Now to pay gym dues and get back in. Going to try 5:30 am if not too crowded by then.



50 pushups. Still not in gym, yet.

Ordered a SSB bar for a friend’s son’s garage gym. Might even try it there myself.


You’re missing out on the 5:00 AM crowd. The pushups are solid.



50 pushups, no gym yet.



Still lazy, just pushups 1 x 50. However, yesterday I did commit to a month at a really good powerlifting gym.


There you go. Joining a good gym might give you the inspiration you need to get back into it.


Are you doing a straight 50 push ups or is that a total?



pushups 1 x 50

Crippler, new gym is for strong lifters only. It’s a 24 hr key gym in about a triple wide garage packed with good stuff, owned by soccer coach former powerlifting champ in his 50s. Only amenities are a/c, coffee pot and a toilet seat. Drawbacks are no shower, costs 3 times my other gym’s dues, early birds there start around 6 am so I’ll be going about then. Membership limited to 35, most compete in powerlifting meets, 40% over 50, handful over 60. I’m cautiously anxious. If they’re all on steroids I’ll have to drop out.

hel320, straight 50 every time. Used to do 100 at times, but not happening at moment.


I agree with your thinking. I’d be out if they were pushing roids too. The no 0500 thing would be an issue for me. On the other side I have always wanted to be part of a hardcore gym.


Haven’t done the “basics” in a while. When I was in the military we did pushups constantly. In pipeline training we had 25 sets of 3 4x4 blocks sticking up about 4". You had to hold the 2 blocks and put you feet on the 3rd and the do push ups. Have to give them a try and see how many I can still do. Several years ago I use to frequent a gym where the roid use and sells got pretty obvious. Quit going there. I stick with my drug of choice. Coffee.


8/6 back in old gym after 5 week vacation layoff

weekend: 1 x 4 pullups (after month off) 1 x 50 pushups, 2 rounds of farmers walks in my double sized garage w/ 115 lbs each hand. Finally got 4 45s for bars I got months ago .

today at gym: dumbbell bench 3 x 10 @ 40, 45, 45
dips 4 x 10
cable flyes 3 x 10 @ about 130 each side
sghp 1 x 8 @ 115, 2 x 6 @ 135
machine press 3 x 10 @ 100

These poundages sucked; workout in new gym tomorrow.


All that was missing was handstand push-ups.


8/7 new gym, 5:45 am

warmup, then rack pulls with straps 2 x 10 @ 135, 225, 1 x 6 @ 315, 1 x 3 @ 345
good mornings 3 x 10 @ 95
barbell rows 3 x 10 @ 135, 225, 235
hamstring work, bodyweight 3 x 10

Good sweat. Two guys there for awhile. I iexplored more of the gym’s really good stuff. We’ll see.

Maybe some handstand pushups later today. Feeling good


If you get back in the handstand push-up game, I will too.