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65+ Training


Nice return on your deads. It’s good to feel the iron again.


Strong pulls with all the time off.


Crippler, I’m catching up with you. Ha. I have to catch up with OG first.



Seated presses 3 x 5 @ 90, 115, 135 (I only recall the 135)

SGHP 3 x 10, up to 110

Machine presses w/free weights 3 x 10 up to 75 each side.

Steam room afterward helps fight the crud I undoubtedly caught from Bulldog’s log, but never caused memory lapse before such that I couldn’t fully remember the ramp up weights today. Oh well, end of first week’s 4 workouts under my belt.

Shoulders and upper back feel great. I’ve missed that feeling.


You must be feeling a bunch better, cause your work has really picked up.


My goal in my next life is to match Crippler’s lifts.

Honestly, what I wouldn’t give to be that age again.


2/20/17 legs

squats 1 x 8 @ 135 then 3 x 3 @ 185, 225, 245

leg press 5 x 10 @ 225, rest were 315

hack squats 5 x 10 @ 225, rest were 315

treadmill 8 min, stair climber machines were full

sauna (steam room too hot from weekend nonuse I think)


2/21/17 chest

bench 1 x 8 @ 135, 3 x 3 @ 185, 195, 205
machine pullovers 5 x 10 @ 150 through 190
dumbbell bench 5 x 10 @ 45s, 45s, 45s, 50s, 50s, 55s
steamed awhile


some volume coming back into the workouts… must be feeling better


OG, I’m feeling stronger and I’m anxious to get to gym in mornings now. Steam seems to help my residual coughing.


That I am sure is a wonderful feeling… enjoy the day


One arm handstand push ups are just around the corner.


No comment.


2/22/17 no lifting

20 min treadmill with independent treads
few minutes steam


I’m expecting you to do three finger handstand push-ups anytime now.


Still, no comment.


Yesterday was my roughest, longest courtroom work in about 2 years. Resuming regular lifting certainly helped my energy level; I easily matched a 15 year younger opposing counsel. Tired this morning.

pushups 2 x 50


I got money says you did not “match”, you surpassed his ass! :wink:


I’ve seen many young punk lawyers gets schooled by a seasoned veteran. Sadly many work for the state and I become the piñata.


I doubt anyone on this webside thinks Crippler qualifies as a pinata.


2/26/17 home
fooled around with kettlebell swings 5 x 20 @ 35

got to start light, back felt it later