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65+ Training


1/5/2017 Pushups 1 x 50, 1 x 49.5.

Blood free urine's a relief but it's not speeding up this comeback.


1/10/17 pushups 2 x 50. A bit easier today.


You will be upside down again before long.


1/10/17 pushups 2 x 50.

Crippler, I don't think I'm strong enough yet for handstand ones, but in time.
You're undoubtedly making progress with those now.


Glad to see you are back at it biker. 2 sets of 50 pushups is very strong work.


x2^ ... the come back is underway, full steam ahead


1/11/17 pushups 2 x 50 at 6:30 am, forgot to post. These are getting easier and I'm not so out of breath. Might try handstands soon, fewer reps needed.


1/12/17 pushups 2 x 50. Feel like I'm evolving from couch potato status.


Good stuff, boss... keep bringing it


1/13/17 pushups 2 x 50. Getting easier but can't do 1 x 100.


It's only been a week, I think you are kicking ass!


You are clearly bouncing back, as you get healthy


I agree with the others. Very impressive work on the comeback trail.


Thanks ChickenLittle, Cripler and DBasler. Hopefully this will improve.


1/16/17 pushups 2 x 50. Much easier now.


A very good sign of things to come


I certainly hope so. Everyone on here's progressed so much and I haven't.


1/17/17 pushups 2 x 50. Failed handstands today. Got to regain that strength.


There is no doubt in my mind you will get it back.


1/18/17 pushups 2 x 50.

ChickenLittle I hope you're right.