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65+ Training


Sorry to hear it Biker. Hope you recover quickly,


Oh no! Hope you get better soon!


Wow, glad to read that things seem to be moving in the right direction!


Thanks everyone. I’m resilient.


Get better. I’ve been wondering were you went.


Glad you are on the mend! I must say that experience did not sound like much fun.


Still mending. Dr. advises no gym for about 6 more weeks to allow “down there” mend.

Trying to decide what to do when I get back to gym.


Tell your doctor I miss your workout posts. You need to get back in there. Get well!


Haven’t been on the forum for a while but this looked like a good place to jump back in.
Not quite 65 (62 1/2) but I’m glad to see there’s still hope!

Biker, your situation was a lot more serious but I’ve had the roto rooter of the hooter several times. Two surgeries, first one followed by a metal rod about the size of your little finger all the way into the bladder. Left me with blood in my lap so I said ADIOS to that MD.


BradMM, stick an S on your chest if you’ve gone through this mess twice. Once a lifetime is plenty.

After the 4th catheter was removed I discovered a respect for my brother in law with far more serious prostate trouble.


Once is plenty indeed! Hope your situation resolves quickly.


I hope there is life AFTER Depends.

Got in 50 and 35 lb kettlebells yesterday which will gather dust in my garage. Doctor willing, if I can return to gym in January I want to do kettlebell swings some evenings. I tried the fasting diets on this website since last March and they got me from a stable 255 to 242 lbs at about 12-14% fat. I want to see what kettlebells in moderation will do. 240 - 235 is the goal.


Great job getting some work in. Fasting kind of scares me. I like eating too much, which is why I’m chubby.


Crippler, with those great poundages you’re lifting “chubby” certainly pays off. Fasting never appealed to me until I started skipping lunch awhile at work. I think missing a meal and not having second helpings or gargantuan portions at night shed the pounds. I was worried my lifting would suffer but I found I had about the same energy. But I’m not deadlifting 500 lbs.

I’m getting fed up with this no lifting time. My only exercise presently is dog walking for l/2 mile after work. At least the dog likes it.


Hope your doctor gives you the green light to get back to lifting sooner than later. And good luck hitting your goal weight. I know its not easy eating intelligently.


NHLFTR, er beast, dr. said no lifting anything until next dr visit December 27th. Sounds crazy but I fully understand why.

From here on, seriously, only purient interest folks should read.

I kind of feel like a science experiment; dr. did good job of advising what to expect post op. Bleeding (pure black urine) usually accompanies discharge of internal scaps in urine, with no bleeding at subsequent toilet trip. Also urinating consistently felt like passing acid for 6 weeks. A week ago I passed a fairly large scab with about 1 oz of blood. No big deal. Actually he said don’t worry when you “… pass something that looks like a small marble and makes a pinging sound when it hits toilet bowl bottom…”. Still looking forward to that experience. Sunday I changed HVAC filters in home’s 12 foot ceiling using an 8 foot ladder. Strenuous. Lots of black urine about an hour later, and then no blood in urine at next toilet trip. I don’t discuss this stuff, because it grosses out the wife.

Anxious to get back to lifting.


The important thing is that you get back to 100%, and then give hell! Besides, Dec 27 if not that far away. :wink: You got this!


Thanks ChickenLittle. Always like reading your log.


Get better, then lift. Think of how much energy you will have when you get back with it.


Black urine doesn’t sound fun. Hope you’re back to your usually weight smashing self soon.