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65 lbs Curl w/ 120 lbs Chains

Pretty sure his back got more of a workout than his bicep…


Most of the time, the angle of his elbow is the same and he rocks back, at least until the very end.

I don’t see how this specifically will help arm wrestling since maybe lowering the weight and using more arm than back will help. Thats a given.

Oh yeah, I lol’d too.

Another one:

That was fucking rediculous… That wasnt even a curl. Eh whatever… people will do what they do… even if it is pointless and makes them look like an ass.

I don’t think chains are going to help that much, lol.

That was good for a little snicker or two

A seated 1-Arm Zercher Goodmorning. What a lame exercise. Oh…it was a curl?

I hope no one was waiting to use the chains.

In all fairness Dave Tate does curls with chains. But they don’t look like that.


But seriously… HAH!!!

hah, 1st-wasnt a curl.
2nd-it says 120chainx6…maybe its just be but im only seeing 4.

who trains arm curls for strength like that lol

The funny thing is that it’s titled as a concentration curl, yet it’s about as far away from a concentration curl as you could possibly get.

His bicep looks to be doing less work than any other muscle in his body. Other than his brain of course.

I’m not very familiar with specific training for arm wrestling, but I really don’t see how strict cc curls would also apply.

Doing goofy ass curls like that might actually work better. And before the form weenies actually blow out their o rings, I’ve tried to arm wrestle against some lower level guys and got totally crushed.

A competitive arm wrestlers literally explodes through their whole body when it’s go time. Grip to forearm to arm to shoulder to back all at once.

A few years ago Jim Wendler told me how George Halbert was the most explosive bencher he has ever seen. He talked about how he seemed to be using every muscle in his body,from the calves to the neck.

On the other hand,this guy might just be some silly ass. Though I have seen people mention form in regards to westside stuff, when they were trying to do it that way, for what it’s worth.

I’m pretty sure his form would apply well to arm wrestling.

[quote]gi2eg wrote:
I’m pretty sure his form would apply well to arm wrestling.[/quote]

It actually might. I tried to arm wrestle a friend who did few tournaments and was destroyed in afraction of a second. I’m 5’7", 200 pounds, can easily close a #2 gripper and deadlift 550 the last time I tried with more in my tank.

And my friend isn’t very good. but arm wrestling is more than most think it is.

And of course, the guy might be just silly.

I agree with tom63 and gi2eg. Who cares what his form looks like or what he calls the movement if it helps him get better at his chosen sport. If the guy actually competes and does well in arm wrestling, he probably knows a little more than all the pansies in here crying about his form.