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65 Going on 29. Realistic BF %, Carb Intake, HIIT Frequency

Having been a long time lurker here reading the articles-- which I find mostly well done, decided to join and hopefully benefit from the experience I see displayed after reading along a few threads.

Big SIX FIVE this June… “reconditioned” model with 7-8 yrs of effort… size of my shadow is wayyyyy smaller on this 74" frame. The computer gadget you stand on and hold the wand with two hands extended caught me at 14+% BF… I was ‘water heavy 188’ at that time by around 5 lbs…methinks I’m easily into the 13 range. ‘Dry weight’ is 182 sans the midland pot of mostly decaf in the morn after the dump routine. Last yr I biked nearly 6600… I enjoy the relaxing high I get from mileage. This yr I might make 3 grand with my yrly total ending 10/15. HIIT is more of my focus… a routine NONE of the “kids” do… that frequency depending on energy level per other workouts. HIIT was tremendously improved my heart stamina… evening relaxed BP averages 103/58 with HR around 37. Nuff yada yada…:innocent:

My BF goal is 10%… low carb-ish… recently working on n3-n6 fat balance… 'sperimenting with flax oil and greatly reducing saturated fat with flax and of course the olive/high oleic sunflower oils. I do not count Kc’s… I eat very healthy with occasional nip of MM’s and coke… kind ya drink. Obviously one has to accept progress ‘down here’ is slow… but the last scan showed a .5% gain in muscle.

1 to 1.25 gr protein per lb sounds too high for me at this age… ? I run say a 100 to maybe 140 on a ‘piggy’ day. What say you?

Lots of original meal plans my own “style”… like what I eat… NOT dieting which IMO is the key.

n3-n6 balance… anyone else working that angle?

Many Thanks… like the supportive friendly environment I see here.

Welcome. I’m 57, and like you I try to be careful with my diet. I eat very paleo-ish, with the main exceptions being oats (I need my oatmeal) and occasional beans. Avoiding trans fats and most processed vegetable oils is important, but I don’t worry too much about saturated fats. If you do this and avoid most processed foods (i.e. anything that comes in a box) I think your fat ratio will be good. As far as protein is concerned, I think most will agree that 1g/lb is the upper end of what you require. Most can get by with less.

I eat lots of beans… BLACK soybeans. Check out the nutrition data.

You might want to cut out the soybeans…Soy contains phytoestrogens called isoflavones that may mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen in your body… Unless you are a female that is.

Glad you said it. Soybeans are not good for anybody! Period!

Thanks 9899… but show me the hard science data this is true across the board. Yes the molecule structures are very similar yet different (edit: if one’s system is fooled that easily it goes to unique genetics). But not true for most… albeit some might show 'some’
affect… but from what I’ve read… this is mostly unlikely. And like the many opines on anything… the agent in question gets the blame… this time soy.