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6'4, 200 lb 1.5 Year Progress

Hey guys when I started I weighed a mean 160, shot up to 235 in a year (dirtiest bulk ever) and now after trimming off a bit of fat over the summer I find myself at a leanish 200 lb (approx 13% bf). My lifts are pretty horrid at the moment but I am making a lot improvements on form.

I am training for purely for aesthetics so I’m not overly concerned how much I’m putting up and just try and focus on slow negatives, controlled form, and staying in the 10-15 rep range for most exercises. I feel my stronger parts are lats and delts and everything else could use a lot of improvement (especially chest and legs). Fyi haven’t done 1rms for a while but bench would probably be around 200, squat 300, and deadlift 450ish

My diet has been shit for the majority of my lifting days but I recently educated myself on the basics, constructed a diet and have been doing fairly well as far as hitting my macros and eating clean. I shoot for a 40% protein: 40% carbs: 20% fats ratio. Really feel like my progress would be immensely better had I figured out diet from the get go and it is the main reason why I don’t look the way I want to today.

Anyways what I would like to hear from you guys on is my frame, structure and potential. I think I have a fairly narrow waist for my height but at the same time i feel my clavicle isn’t the widest, also how are my muscle insertions, bellies etc? I’m not looking to compete I just wanna be an aesthetic mofo and would really like to hear your guys’ opinions on whats good, what has potential, and what I should really focus on. my goal is to be around 205 @ 8% bf, if you guys know of anyone with a similar body structure to mine with those stats post em up!

Thanks in advance guys looking forward to posting here often!

Thank you for the rankings and I apologize for poor picture quality. I should probably mention that I am 22 and am natty (obviously). Any comments or criticism? I realize I have a lot of work to do, I really want to get a huge shoulder to waist ratio.

how many calories are you eating?

I’m 28, 6’3 and 219 lbs. We are similar, hence my interest in your calorie intake. I update a thread with some progress pics and if you were interested here is the link:


I think you should try to get that chest filled out. For me, my bench press kept going up but I wasn’t getting the size gains I wanted until I slowed down and figured out the mind muscle connection.

Hey man thanks for posting I will be sure to check out your thread. I aim for 3600 calories a day. And as far as bench I was in the exact same situation and for the last couple months I’ve stopped caring about the weight, fixed up my form, and my chest has been getting a lot more soar since i started doing that. I’ve noticed a bit of development and am getting better mind muscle connection.

You get a 4 for yourself. The girl in your avatar picture gets a 10. Very nice.