6'4", 155. Bulking Cycle Guide?


Hi guys, I really need help from you guys to guide me, here’s my height 191.5 cm 6’4" and my weight is around 155lbs and my age around 23. I need help regarding my cycle. I just don’t know what cycle I should go with. My goal is to bulk lean as possible without any fats and i wanted to reach 190lbs within 2 years. I surveyed around, they said go Test prop and Tren ace to bulk then jump into winstrol cycle and also planning to try epistane to cut as well. My goal is more of physique based. I know all diets and stuff but I want to know more just for me to improve, many of people i have met they said go for carb cycle and protein cycle. caloric surplus is a must for me to bulk though so i will stay in that range. I hope you guys can help me to suggest some solid cycle for me since i’m an ectomorph. Thanks guys!!

Nope. you should not be running a cycle. you need a fucking cheesburger. Gain 50+ lbs without steroids, then revisit the subject. I’m not exaggerating. At least 50.

I genuinely hope this is a troll post.


no its not troll brother, i have tried what u mention by eating greasy and dirty?, its pretty much hard to grow too but i wanted to go full discipline on my diet though. I have to go with gears to grow beyond this point.

You sure you want to go with that story?

Reverse image search is a thing.


well there ya go. Troll it is.

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i have no intentions of trolling anyone bro, why would i asking in the 1st place, if i wanted to troll anyone. sorry if you feel offended! i just need advices

upto you Chris. I didnt want to mislead anyone

So the purpose of posting those pics was, what, exactly?

Dude. Do you not understand that we googled the pictures you posted, and we know that’s not you? That those are pictures of another guy who doesn’t look like that anymore? Does ‘Skywalker’ mean something to you or are you going to continue to play dumb?

the purpose was he is claimed to be natural on ectomorph so i wanted to know the possibilities of muscle growth. Thats it. I saw him on expo.

well in that case. it is not me and now can i get the advices at least.

the advice was eat a cheeseburger and gain 50 lbs. Did you do that yet?

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Right. You just forgot to mention anything close to that in your post, and blacked out his face for no reason in particular. Makes sense.

On the (miniscule) chance you’re legit, you’ve already gotten literally all the advice you need from Flip’s first post.


If that was the purpose, maybe instead of asking about a specific steroid cycle, you could have asked the thing you’re asking now, you silly little liar, you.

wanted to know more, you know indirect approach was abit interesting thats why. You guys were really good.Sorry for the lies, i really do wanted to know more about the scammers on Media these days. I’m trying to eductae myself on what im seeing thats it.

nope. troll.


This was Worth the 2min read thanks to all involved.


When I saw the thread title I immediately looked at the number pad on my keyboard and tried to figure out which number he accidentally hit. Is he really 5’4 and 155, that wouldn’t put him near needing gear, maybe he is 6’4 and 188 but still not needing gear at that point. If he was 6’4 and 255 but accidentally hit 1 instead of 2 then ok he is just shitty at proof reading and typed too fast. …then I saw the picture…and I read his age.
It dawned on me, he hasn’t gotten laid in years and only knows how to find porn on the computer so he had no idea what he was setting himself up for.

That isn’t a picture of you, troll.