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6'3", 317 Pounds, 48 Y/O Needs Advice on Cycle

Hi. I am a 48 year old man who is not in great shape. I am 6’3 and 317 pounds. I just started doing strict keto (less than 20 grams of carbs per day). I don’t have any other health conditions. I also started walking and doing 5x5. My stupid situation is that I had a friend give me 2- 10ml/300mg bottles of test-e to help me get back into shape and to help me recomposition. I was told to wait thirty days before starting a cycle. I am purely looking for strength and aesthetics… with some endurance help to start crossfit. Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to use this to reach my goals?

Step 1: put it in a drawer for a year
Step 2: eat and train properly for a year
Step 3: open up the drawer and decide if you’re ready


Save the test until you get down to a reasonable weight. You literally have 100lbs to lose before messing with any compound. I don’t mean that offensively, just realistic. If you’re hell bent on using it then you have exactly enough to run 500mg for 12 weeks which is the gold standard first cycle. Make sure you have some nolvadex on hand for your PCT. I better route would be to get tested first… TT, FT, SHBG, FSH, LH, and E2. At your age and weight you may be a candidate for TRT.


By whom? Same generous friend?

I’m just curious as to the reasoning

Go grab a OTC fat burner and take a multi vitamin until you pass a few weight goals. Once your fully committed and educate yourself a bit more on AAS then consider a cycle.

My men’s health doc wanted to put me on clomid and arimidex. It was confusing.

My friend is 47. He started pretty much in my same boat. He used it to lose 60 pounds in 60 months and now looks fit, but no abs as if yet. It was my early Christmas present.

You don’t need recomposition, you need fat loss. Period. Your friend who gave you the Test and told you about recomp does not have your best interest in mind.

Like Shaw said, if anything, getting bloodwork to see about TRT would be the only alternative. But in your current condition, that’s still opening a can of worms. TRT with very high bodyfat is asking for estrogen problems. Drop 75ish pounds and then see what’s what.

Relevant side note: 5x5 on a keto diet is a bad mix because recovery and performance will be an issue. You don’t need to go hardcore keto. If you want to do the 5x5, then a basic 100g carb plan should kickstart plenty of fat loss and still let you train hard.

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Did you mean, 60 pounds in 6 months or did you really mean 1 pound per month weight loss?

No, he lost 10 pounds per month. He did the carnivore diet and 300mg of test e per week.

Please stay on these forums and read for 6 months and exercise with out AAS. 300mg a week isnt much for a cycle. I am TrT and 200mgs a week puts me in the 1200’s for Test levels. Normal cycles are going to usually be 400-500mgs per week.

Really hope you choose to loose weight naturally before Test. You will be more prone to Gyno, bitch tits, being overweight.

That’s what I thought. Look, I understand your desire to lose the weight and do it as fast as possible but the comments here are right. Steroids are not something to mess around with. There are consequences from misuse. I think (and I have done it) that you can drop 60 pounds in next 6 months with a solid diet and exercise. I also know how harder it is when you are older (I’m 54) and its hard with a family and work and life in general.

You’re going to do what you’re going to do. So, if you choose to use what your friend gave you, then be prepared for some estrogen related side effects due to your bodyfat. You need nolvadex, if not nolva, then arimidex. Do your research. Pin at least twice a week. Some guys advocate subcutaneous shots saying that they lead to less estrogen. Again, do your research. Here and other places.

Keto diet is fucking garbage. Along with all these other diet fads.

I dont care how good the results are they are not healthy and they are not practical long term.

Why is it so hard just to eat healthy and normal? Why do people constantly look for shortcuts that often set themselves up for failure?


Because diets are bad and no fun. But a diet that is full of bacon and steak and other savory foods is fun and good. Keto is a way to play on the frailty of someone’s mind. It tells them that they can have tons of bacon and look great. Never mind that such a claim doesn’t pass the smell test. We want easy solutions to difficult problems. So we sell them easy solutions and clear out of town once the check has cleared.


Damn that was some poetic shit right there lol!

Put some black bin liners over your body and go for a jog every morning !

I’m 51 yo, around 15 % body fat, and fit as a flea (ageing flea) . . .

On test enanthate my resting pulse went up from 50 to 60 BPM . . . . among other various side effects . . . . no big deal for me, but if someone’s already carrying a bit of weight, the strain on the heart would be akin to living in a sauna.

I am curious about that 100 g carb diet @Chris_Colucci mentioned. I have had success with Keto, but the strength hit is brutal.

Chris, would you say that the 100 g carb is for loosing weight, or year round?

I would not say making a macro goal is a fad. Keto maybe a fad, but that is basically saying don’t eat any carbs (20g).

I’m not sure which diet in particular Colucci is referring to, but I’ve done a 100 g carb a day diet to cut for a contest. I cut from 280 lbs to 231 lbs (105 kg cut-off) in just over two months. It sucked. Almost every gram of carbs I got was in a bowl of steel cut oats in the morning.

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Yeah as other stated zero need for gear, follow the diet plan Chris linked.
To speed things up do this…

then this…