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6'3 280lb 26m Where Does One Go

Hey peoples,

When I decided enough was enough I was about 292 give or take breathing, so I just completed a full round of Waterbury’s ABBH program. I’ve done 30 minutes of cardio MINIMUM a day on top of the exercises every odd day. Most of the time I lean towards 45 minutes of cardio, maybe 5-6 days i even doubled it up. My nutrition was decently on target, I supplemented lifting days with about 35g of Whey and cardio days with just 17~20g of Whey.

So after a month I am down 12 lbs roughly; Where do I go from here?

I’d prefer to move my weight loss forward faster, I don’t mind adding the strength training it blatantly makes sense for a guy my size to actually add muscle, but by choice I’d rather lose weight then add strength as I’ve got a large stomach in front of me.

Anybody recommend a good plan to attack the stomach fat?

Thanks ~ Rob

When I decided i had had enough my strategy was similar. Lots of cardio with a little bit of weight training. I lost the 1st ~10 lbs that way, and then things just stalled/stopped. Then i found this site and after reading lots I realized that I would make better progress if I put more effort into weight training. Once I put myself onto a mainly weight training program I started dropping weight a lot faster, and looking much better.

Just doing cardio doesn’t increase your metabolic rate the same way weight training does. Also, as a newbie there’s no reason you can’t add muscle while losing fat.

There’s no way to target stomach fat. When you burn fat it burns from everywhere. Most guys lose their stomach fat last.

Thanks Lateralus, do you have a suggestion for what program I should follow, I was going to move onto Waterbury’s Big Boy Basics, but someone I know suggested looking into P90X, unfortunately I don’t think I pass some of the tests for P90X minimums.

Does anybody suggest a circuit training on off days? I hear thats what they use on the biggest loser and its an effective way to burn calories fast.

Should I Keep up with a minimum amount of cardio?

My goal is really trying to burn off about 40 more lbs before August.

A Thibaudeau program that sounds just perfect for you:

A Cosgrove one:

A Dan John insight on complexes:

I had good results in body composition (although I was leaner than you) using this one, from Waterbury (both strenght and hypertrophy plan work well, just be strict on rest between sets):

If you choose to go with complexes (a very good choice, indeed), make shure your form is good enough on all lifts involved and be very conservative on weight; it’s better to pick a lighter weight and run one more round or two, than not being able to complete the prescribed # of rounds or reps because you put too much on the bar.

For cardio on off days, do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training); you can use treadmill, elliptycal, stationary bike…: warm up for 5 mins, then do 30 sec of all-out sprint, followed by 60 sec of moderate pace. Repeat for 10 mins total (at first, you may find it impossibile, just do your best). Progression: try to increase sprint intensity and to reduce moderate pace (like 30 sec sprint, 30 sec of moderate pace).

Once your conditioning improve, you may try Tabata protocol: 20 sec of effort (let’s say 8 reps of front squat) and 10 sec of rest, for eight times total. Don’t be ashamed to try it with an empty bar, it’s a real killer ! ! !

Have fun!

Thanks, does anybody have any suggestions on Supplements I should be looking into? I tried the supplement forums, but they are hardly helpful. I got the advice of buy a book by CT, and 2 people telling me spending money in this economic time isnt smart… ANYWAYS… I’ll take some supplement advice if people could :slight_smile:

Seen your situation and your goals, just cleaning up your diet and exercising at a challenging level should be enough. You can always check this articles: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_supplements/supplementation_for_newbies

but really, don’t get too concerned about details. Heavy lifting and a correct diet are the best way to loose fat and keep/increase muscle.

Thanks fabiop, I did the HIIT training moments ago, it was going good for about the first 5 sprints… then I was like well I don’t have any legs. I was already on the bike for about 20 minutes before I decided hell i’m going to do that HIIT shit for a month and see how it works!

I’m going to start on the complexes once I get them printed out as I can’t remember anything for shit, so I’ll print them on slap them on the wall down stairs. Seems like the perfect combination for me, I did order some EPA/DHA some more Whey and a multi to kick up metabolism as well.

Thanks for the help fabio!
In a few months i’ll Pm you some results if I can remember :smiley:

Yeah, man, definitely ditch steady cardio: why would you waste 30 mins if you can get BETTER results in 10’? Good idea to print the complex…once you’re in the “action”, you’ll forget even your name, not only the exercises sequence ! ! !
Looking forward to hear about your results!

You might want to hold off on doing sprinting at your bodyweight [no offence]. Even my joints feel a bit sore after a tough HIIT session.

Good Nutrition and Weightlifting are very good for a start. You don’t want to risk injuring yourself while sprinting and jeopardising your weightlifting. Complexes are really good to add in if you want to.

You could do HIIT type training on exercise equipment the bike or rowing machine. Sorry, but full on sprinting at a bodyweight of 292lbs just sounds like a bad idea to me.

I am not a “FAT” 280 Wushu, I’ve got like a football player frame, my main issue is I got a tummy!
I’m doing the HIIT on a bike for now, I wouldnt do the HIIT on an impact surface. I can completely burn out on a bike and get absolutely no injury minus my pride :wink:

Thanks for the concern though.

[quote]robz0r wrote:
I am not a “FAT” 280 Wushu, I’ve got like a football player frame, my main issue is I got a tummy!

The Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt.

Sounds a lot like my own story. I started out at a stealth 360. I lost about 50 pounds getting divorced and watching all of my worldly possessions go away to the lawyers or the bankruptcy courts…did I mention it was worth a -50 pounds. See something good came from it!! When it all started I got a bowflex delivered to my business that my wife had ordered.

Later that night I told her that UPS head delivered it to the shop instead of to the house. I found out it wasn’t for me…it was ordered for her boyfriend…ouch. any way…I ended up keeping it and after loosing the first 50 pounds I was determined to get fit just to spite her. The first thing I did was portion control at the table, the second was to run short sprints and then walk to recover. I also used the bowflex (it only cost me 500K lol) I feel the bowflex was more aerobic than anything so once again I was working on a target heart rate.

Remember I hadn’t seen my toes for 15 years not to mention my junk without the use of a mirror. Running and working with the bowflex started to pay off and that motivated me even more. Another trick I used was to keep a 44 ounce cup on the sink and any time we were having a meal I really liked I would drink as much of the 44 full of room temp water as I could. That kept me from having to much to eat and still gave that stuffed feeling I loved.

So, I got down to 270 and that’s when I joined a gym. I lifted 4 days a week and did cardio 3 days for a minimum of 45 minutes. I started off with 13 inch arms and at my lightest I had 15 inch arms. I went all the way to 220#s. I am now at 18 inch arms and 240#s with 14.1 body fat. My man boobs are actually looking like a man chest and I am deadlifting 5 (sets) X 5 (reps) @ 305 and bench pressing DB’s at 5 X 5 90’s.

My usual work out is 2 1/2 hours and I feel soooooo good. If you don’t know what you target heart rate is find out and good luck my friend…it’s an awesome journey, hard but well worth it. Oh ya I almost forgot…blood pressure is 113 over 71 and I’m 49 (no meds)
PS hope this helps…Dentfixer

yes…she did ask to come back…I smiled and said “hell no”

good luck

[quote]Dentfixer wrote:
good luck[/quote]

A solid story :slight_smile:

[quote]Dentfixer wrote:
yes…she did ask to come back…I smiled and said “hell no”[/quote]

Good job!

[quote]Oleena wrote:
Dentfixer wrote:
good luck

A solid story :slight_smile:

I must say Oleena…you’re making that river bank look very fine!!

Right on Dentfixer, I dont much have a woman to make jealous or anything, I am sure some girls who have lost their chance will be all pissy about it after I tell them the same thing though. I don’t really forget that easily too bad for them!

Rob, sounds like we are at about the same place. I am 280-285 and looking to drop a shitload of weight, my goal is ~220 but coming from 405 I feel good. I know what you mean as far as the football build I have it too, I could never weight less than 200 I would look sick! Let me know how the HIIT goes if you dont cause the 30-40 minutes a day on the elliptical is getting old, boring, and just brutal. I switch to the treadmill everynow and then but the elliptical is easier on the joint and I am not comfortable jogging. I have lost alot on the low carb diet and I love it, problem is I am getting burned out on the diet, I have also been hitting the weights hard and am seeing some good definition even with the high weight, keep it up! It is an inspiration for me knowing that there is someone else out there in the same situation as me trying hard, all the people at the gym are SKINNY!

Dentfixer…Badass man send me your secrets!