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6'3'' 260 to 222 in 14wks


Hi everyone

Age: 26 years
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 222 pounds
Years Training: Lifting regularly for 10 years. Eating like someone who actually cares for about 8 months.

I just competed in my first competition. I did not come in as hard as I had hoped, but I came a long way in my 20 week prep. I was 270 20 weeks out and I ended up at 222 for weigh ins. In these pictures I am at 260 on the left and 222 on the right.

I was originally a little worried about competing and not being completely shredded, but my friends/colleagues calmed my fears and reminded me that this is my first comp, and I will NEVER be this soft again. I had an awesome experience and I can't wait to see a video of my night show routine which the crowd went nuts for.

My current plan is to continue to stay lean/get leaner SLOWLY over the summer, begin bulking in the fall, maybe doing a Dead-Lift in a PL comp in the fall, and end up competing again next October as a very lean Super Heavyweight at around 230-240 pounds.

Areas that I need to improve for my next show, in order of importance:
Calves - My long legs make my calves seem tiny. They need a lot more size. Began DC this week and plan on attacking them with every known trick.
Arms, biceps especially - At my height, my arms are comparatively small to other bodybuilders, even if they are the same size (~18 inches last time I measured). I also need to address the fact that my right arm is about .5 inches smaller than my left because of its shape.
Shoulders - I need a lot more size and width especially to offset my bigger waist.
Traps - These need to be monstrous. I haven't touched them directly in years and it shows.
Lats - They need to be wider. My back is already very thick but it's tough to tell with how lean I was, but my waist is always going to be quite big I think, so the lats need to be wider.

Otherwise I think everything else is doing well. My legs are actually decently big along with my back, it's just that since I wasn't super lean they didn't look as good as they could have. Both quads have striations/veins running throughout, just tough to see in these pics. I need to get so lean next time, that you can see those striations/veins from the horizon. My hammies are strong but I suppose they could stand to have more pop next time.

Dead-Lift: 545 (500 without straps) @ BW of 260
Squat: 500 x 2 @ BW of 275
Bench: 405 clean w/no touching of bar @ BW of 260. I hit 455 but my spotter put his fingers on it and claimed he didn't help. Can't count that one.


Crab Most Muscular


Side Chest


Front Double Bi


Rear Double Bicep


Front Lat Spread


Rear Lat Spread - I had to use my rear relaxed because there wasn't one of my lat spread yet, but my relaxed is just a bit narrower than my rear lat, so you get the idea.


Side Tricep, sorry I'm twisting so much.


Abmdominal, no comparisons


Side Relaxed, no comparisons


Professionally taken pic from last week


Here's some training videos:

Dead-Lift of 545 for 1 (w/straps):

Curls like 3-4 weeks out:

Dead-Lift of 500 for 5 reps, originally had 2 planned, but I put on straps for this set just to see what might happen:

Dead-Lift of 405 for 15 reps (w/straps):


First of all great job on the fat loss.

You're obviously working with some structural disadvantages. Narrow clavicles, wide waist. But your plan to add more shoulder/trap mass will certainly help with that. Side delt raises, and plenty of them. Also need to really target the lats. Anything you can do to create more of a v-taper. And yes - conditioning was off and you were pretty soft, but still a great job from where you started.

As you said it was your first show, and you'll improve conditioning from here on out - plus starting from a much leaner point will help.

Good lifts too - good luck to you! : )


Pretty impressive, as a tall guy myself it would be really great to see what your approach was to cutting and training during the prep?

I'd agree with skynett that your conditioning was a little off, but i'm sure you know that. Id also agree that more width will help especially as your waist is comparatively wide.


First off I give you props for doing it. Not bad for your first comp. I was actually at that competition in mystic and saw you. Some of the classes can be a little tough to be in, being that some of those guys have been competing for years. I plan on doing Mr. MN next year and will probably be a heavyweight. I'll be a little nervous for my first comp but I'm going to hire Shelby Starnes to be my coach. Not sure if you had a nutrionist but I think you would have done a lot better if you were more conditioned. Again I agree with the other comments about being wider on top but us tall guys have it rough. What gym are you lifting at?


I think there are a lot of things you need to work on. Mainly, just filling out your frame. I have the same problem with wide hips and narrow clavicles. Just smash your delts. Delts, chest, and posing all need a fair amount of work.


Also work on your lower abs a little more. You seem to have a tough spot near your lower belly/botton. Looks good for a first comp though-I give you props, and your lifts are impressive imo. Im looking forward to my first comp as well in the near future and hope to have the confidence you show.


I don't know a ton about body building, but if he added more to his legs wouldn't that contribute to helping balance him out? They look smaller in comparison to his torso than a lot of the others I've been looking at.

But again, I don't know much about it.

Btw, I think you look great from a "hot or not" perspective and your progress is inspiring. Just trying to learn more about the technicalities of shape.


Yes - thicker quads with more sweep would help with the coveted X-frame look.


For the first few weeks of the prep it was just about cleaning my diet up, but as I approached the contest I started cycling carbs. It started off just going down to 50 or 100 grams a day and cycling back up, but as the prep got further along, it went 50g, 100g, 50g, 0g, 0g, 0g, and back up. Those weeks actually weren't that hard. Near the end though, it would be 5 0g days and 2 50g days, and that was kind of hard. The good thing is that I could pretty much eat as many veggies as I wanted, even on the 0g days. I ate a ton of red/green/yellow peppers, and a ton of onions. Threw in some broccoli from time to time along with some other stuff, but I kept pretty sane.

Protein was basically 40g/meal every 2-3 hours, but I tried to keep it closer to every 2 hours. I mainly stuck with poultry and eggs/egg whites, but I'd throw in fish from time to time as well. Most days I ate 8 times/day though some days I'd be up to 10/11 times/day.

Training was kept decently heavy, 4 times/week, until week 7 or 8 and then the reps started to go up along with the frequency. Just trying to get all the muscular control and detail out of the muscles as possible. Training higher controlled reps close to the contest helped me along with my posing. I didn't shake nearly as much as other competitors and wasn't breathing heavy between poses. Cardio was pretty simple. Just increased the frequency/time as I got closer. Was more concerned with being adherent with it than anything.