6'3 18 years old 176lbs

Here’s my log so you can see exactly what I’ve down for about 2 or 3 weeks. I don’t really implement rest times just go by how I feel and what my plan is for the day. And I’m pretty consistent with using 3x8-12 for auxiliary lifts.

As for food, it’s been pretty touch and go recently, for a while we had a ton of really good foods so it was easy to eat 4000 calories of good foods at my house, and that period was when I had gained most of my weight. But we’ve kind of switched to a lot of low calorie foods and fruits because both my parents are dieting. So most of the high protein and calorie foods that I would need, I would have to buy for myself and the problem with that is I have 3 younger brothers, two of which work out as well and so they eat anything that I’d buy for myself and it gets super expensive. So some days I won’t eat much more then eggs or a couple muffins with orange juice in the morning with a protein shake, a burrito with chicken and cheese for lunch with some oranges or a banana, some kind of meat or a couple sandwhichs with another shake after work, and then I’ll eat a pasta with some other kind of fruit or vegetable for dinner and have a protein shake and a small snack after I workout.

Right now I weigh anywhere from 183-189 depending on the time of day and I’ve stayed around that weight for about a month, but my lifts have still been increasing pretty regularly. I was originally running with a 5 day split Legs, Back, Chest/abs, shoulders, arms, and then after about 6 months or so I switched it to Push, Pull, Legs and I’ve been doing that for about 3 months. My goal at the moment is to reach 200lbs without gaining much fat, so any advice or even a complete overhaul of what I’m doing if it’s necessary. I am pretty confused of whether I should focus on certain body parts and lifts, or if I should only worry about improving every part of my body and all of my lifts in general.