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6'3", 163 Pounds. What Bodyweight for Athletic Performance?

sir can you please tell me if putting some weight through muscles and fat be beneficial or detrimental to athletic performance as i have just 72 kg(163pound) weight being 6 feet 3 inch tall (190.5cm) tall and at what range should my weight should be. I am 17 now turning 18 next month.

Perfomance for which sport? If it’s a sport like endurance cycling, jockey, gymnast… maybe some weight isn’t good. Some other sport, any muscle you can get, especially naturally, will be a boon. Fat is another story, and depends upon your sport as well

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Do you have a coach for said sport? They should be able to tell you.


cricket is the sport, I don’t know if you know about it . It requires running fast for short period of time , throwing and bowling (similar to throwing) so according to you it will be beneficial for me to build some muscle for running faster and throwing and bowling faster ?

I have but not available now. Moreover I wanted to know what Christian has to say in this matter.

I know plenty of cricketers, I’ve met Travis Head plenty of times (he’s good friends with one of my closest mates) and while he had some muscle he’s by no means bulky.

Some shoulder, core and single leg work would serve you well for keeping yourself healthy while playing and having good GPP


oh so you are an Australian ? anyway thanks for the info and advise.

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Maybe a bit of muscle yeah, considering your height, but you’re still young, so worst thing you could ever do would be a “bulk”. Try to gain slowly, and focus on what @kleinhound said and don’t forget plyometrics/power work

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sure , thank you very much
but wouldn’t bulking be right as i am very skinny which can cause injuries. And actually 7 months ago i only had 64 kg weight and bulked and made it to 74(I have mistakenly written 72 on my 1st post)

That’s amazing that you have met Travis Head many a times. Are you also a cricket enthusiast?

When I was still young enough to be athletic, I thought I’d be better at sports if I was more of the thing I thought athletes were (big, strong, etc). Turned out that wasn’t true and I would have been better served to put all that extra attention into the skills and drills.

Not saying that’s what you’re doing, but I would keep in mind your GPP is always going to be a distant second. Even then, for just about any sport I can think of off the top of my head, speed and conditioning will come well before muscle mass.


Try this for (fast) bowling.

Strength work, steady state aerobic runs transitioning to sprints. As TrainforPain said - basic speed and conditioning. Note the focus on lower body work.
Should keep you fit enough in the field and for batting as well. I suspect WKs do specific agility drills.
You need to get good enough with all the skill and match play performance before fitness matters that much imho.
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I certainly don’t know him well like my friend but he’s a nice enough guy. I saw him more when he was playing State Level Cricket, now he’s international he’s not around as much.
Funnily enough I’m not a fan of test cricket at all. Although I don’t mind the big bash 20/20

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I would also look into Steffan Jones’ work. He is a former client of mine and we still collaborate quite a bit.


thank you for that, i will check
that out

I also know about him. I follow his content on instagram. Can you please just tell about in what range my weight should be according to my height for general athleticism ?

Are you a bowler or a fielder?

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I am a bowler and every person playing the cricket match has to field.
There is a option of being a bowler or a batsman or you can also be a all rounder. Everybody in the match has to field. Just that bowlers have to field lesser when they are actually bowling. Batsmen field for the whole duration.


To me a bowler is like a baseball pitcher. And honestly, weight is not that important for either. What is important though is power, which is important to produce speed.

And to have power, most will need to get stronger. The less naturally explosive you are, the stronger you need to get to be powerful and fast.

Getting stronger might require gaining muscle mass. But the mass itself is not the goal.

At 6’3" I see the ideal athletic weight for a person at your position to be around 185lbs. However, this should not be accomplished by adding fat, as fat will not contribute to power.

If you are naturally explosive and fast 175lbs might be enough.

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Charles Barkley’s method is good. He would add or lose weight until he found where he felt the best, and was most explosive. Then he maintained that weight. Tim Grover said he was more athletic than Michael Jordan. So it worked for him.

I wouldn’t aim for a number, but zero in on where you perform the best and feel the best. At your age you can probably gain and drop weight pretty fast.

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