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620Ibs Squat @ 200Ibs



No offense but from this angle you appear pretty high and your spotter definitely saved you. Stronger than me either way but I don't see it being a " good lift" in a meet.


Great gym lift. Tons of intensity.


At least three inches high. Spotter dragged you up. I don't get why people do this? Drop the weight down to 600 or 575 and hit parellel or below and actually lift the weight yourself.

575, 600, 605...whatever you can actually do, is still an impressive squat. Be happy with the strength you have and build off that. Don't waste time showing off with weight you can't lift.


Dat ass!


Depth looks pretty close to me, nice job!

I think I should train going heavier and hitting squats near parallel like this, instead of going lighter and hitting them stupid low.


i think that depth could go either way with the judges, strong dude for sure but good gym squat not likely a competition one.

With a month or two more training it could easily be a comp squat


Good Work.....nice job staying with the lift. Looks like the spotter did a great job of 'just enough'. Not the type of 'grinding' I want a lifter doing routinely, but the occasional 'gut-check' is a good thing.

Your stance is fairly narrow and your heel rises a bit in the hole. Consider opening your stance a little, it may help. **notice how you shift your toes out right before you descend? Stop That!


This. I don't get the people calling depth on a gym lift.


I'm curious. How much do you squat?


It doesn't matter if I can only squat half what he can squat, what I said is still true. It might have sounded mean but it wasnt. People tend to concentrate more on hitting a number they want,even if they don't do a legit lift for their ego or to show the Internet. He's stronger than me. But he should stick to weights he can lift.


sometimes, "if you aint failing you aint trying"...there has to be times where you go for it and if you fail so be it. It was a great attempt OP and even though the spotter helped you it showed some excellent strength and determination. I don't think it was high.

As far as the difference between a gym lift and a comp lift, when I vid a squat attempt at the gym I will base whether its a good lift or not based on whether I feel it would pass in competition, IMO if its high in the gym it doesn't count either.

I disagree in a sense with BRM, as at times Supra-maximal training has its place in programming.


If it doesn't matter, could you tell me? You're very outspoken, and I'm just curious what kind of results your strategies have produced. I would've sent you a PM, but for some reason they don't seem to be working any more.


Failing a lifts happens sometimes. But I just get the feeling this was more of a bragging lift. He didn't even get close to parallel, cause he knew going in he couldn't get the lift. I never bought the "well it's just the gym, who cares?" You're shortening your range of motion, you should want to get the full range of motion in your lifts. It's also a bad habit to perform lifts incorrectly and dangerous, from what I've read. High reps put more strain on the knees.

I'm not trying to discourage OP. He is for sure strong, but do the exercise right, push your self to an extent, but when you're doing this much past your means, you aren't helping yourself. Like I said, he could probably hit 575 to correct depth with no help. That's great, build on that and eventually he can get 620.


I'm pretty new to training, which I know people don't really respect newer lifters. But what I said I believe is right. You don't need to lift for ten years to know that you shouldn't be trying to squat weight that you need someone to drag off you when it's already really high.

I weighed 185 pound in November 2011. I had a 185 bench. 225 squat and 250 dead lift, if I'm remembering right.

I know weigh 225. I have a 300- 310 bench(I've hit 315, but I think it dropped during smolov) 475 squat and 505 dead lift.

Op is probably stronger than me in all those lifts and he weighs less. But that still doesn't mean what I'm saying isn't true.

I did smolov base and most recently the full smolov. I've done a lot of 5x5 work. As well as combining different programs doing pause work, high rep work and a lot of high percentage low rep progression.


I don't see what's wrong with this. Sure it's not a legit competition lift but it's still a solid gym lift regardless. It's not like he's running around boasting about it, he merely posted a video of what I (along with a few others here) thought is pretty cool. And given his current level, I would say he probably does't need most of us here telling him what to do.


Honestly, if he weighs less and is stronger, why not take what he is doing under consideration rather than dismiss it outright? He's clearly got something figured out.

My training really took off once I stopped thinking I "knew" anything and started experimenting with many of the things I previously considered to be wrong.

EDIT: Hell, these days, I rarely hit a comp legal squat in training.


This. Biggest lesson of last year for me.


Best it's wrong. It's not about it counting in a meet or not. It's about training correctly. The best trainers don't train to do parellel squats, unless it's heavy, then do whatever you want. It's train parellel or a little below. I never want to do a rep wrong. It happens sometimes. But I try to understand it and correct it. I've almost doubled my total in 14 months. I didn't do it cheating myself with incorrect form.


You say that as if everyone else started off jacked and lifting 300+ lbs on everything, lol.