62 y.o. High PSA, TRT?

Hi guys!

As I’m on TRT myself, my dad did some blood work on his own, to check is he OK while being 62 years old. He is training a lot, found a new girlfriend who is a little bit younger and wants to make gains and feel more young.

So his results were these:

LH - 2.43 mIU/ml
FSH - 1.86 mIU/ml
E2 - 114 pmol/l
Testo Serum - 13.1 nmol/l
SHBG - 29.8 nmol/l

But the PSA is terrible and I’m worried a lot - 4.42 ng/ml

As I understand he is not good to go with TRT with such PSA result.
But if PSA was OK, he has a high E2 and low Testo where he could obviously do some light TRT.
I thought that he can take same AI - 0.5mg E7D and see what happens. Which will raise some testo and lower e2, but what about his PSA?

I would really appreciate your answer, until he will talk to his urologist. But the problem is that in our country (Lithuania), nobody cares about TRT as possibility to live better life.

Thank you in advance.


Glad your dad is doing strength training. Very important for older age in more ways than one.

His PSA could be high or it could be stable, depending on previous PSA tests. Is this his first PSA test?
Sometimes the PSA is higher than normal due to prostate inflammation or enlargement. My opinion, and I’m not a doctor, is that he should not do anything to elevate his T level until he’s seen the urologist.

The uro should do a prostate exam (rectal digital exam) to determine if there are any suspicious hard nodes and can also tell if it’s enlarged. If your dad has no other PSAs on record, the uro might have him repeat the test again in a few months to see if it has changed. He might then do a biopsy if the PSA is higher.

One very important note on PSA testing is this: no sex of any kind for 48-72 hours before testing, the blood should be drawn early morning and at the same lab each time due to variations in lab testing. My friend’s dad
had a PSA of ~ 6.0, but after I explained the previous info to him, his retest came out ~ 1.0

I had prostate cancer in Dec 2010, had three years of PSA data and it kept increasing slowly. The biopsy
revealed the cancer and I had robotic-assisted surgery (DaVinci System). See my thread reply on “Deadlifting and Low T”.

Feel free to PM me if you need/want more info.


Your dads E2 is not that bad. Coming back at 30.