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6'2 Guys Weight


What do guys on here weigh at 6’2? What looks big at this height at 15% bf?


115 kg/ 253 lbs at the moment. This is the heaviest weight I have ever been. My bf was measured at 23% although I don’t get why that is so important.

I guess I look pretty big but plan to drop between 5 and 10 kg after my strongman competition.

Normally I weigh between 100 and 105 kg / 220 lbs and 230 lbs. This is a really comfortable weight for me. At the moment I am on the edge of being too fat for my own liking. But you have to take into consideration that I do not train for aesthetics.


For a long time I was always around 100kg, but over the last couple of years I’ve been sitting at 95-97kg (which is probably around 15-20% BF), although I’m recovering from a broken leg just now and I’m 92.5kg. Heaviest I’ve been is 104kg, which wasn’t great - fat and tired.

As for what looks big I think that is hugely dependant on your frame and what you’re wearing. I’ve got long limbs and narrow shoulders and I certainly don’t stand out as big, although I like to think I look solid enough.

To look big at 6’2" I believe you have to weigh over 100kg, but I’m happier weighing a little less.


I am 6’0, 225-227 lbs and between 16-19% I would say. Still have kind of a belly with abs. It’s disgusting, I would be way better below 210lbs. Might help you with the extrapolation to 6’2.


Im 6’2, and Im at abut 93 kg at the moment. Not totally buff, but I have abs.

Like Furo I have been up to 104 kg before and looked massive, but I prefer to be a little on the lighter side. Just feels better and it means I can still take part in team sport that involve a little running etc.

Furo buddy, how have you been?? What did you do to your leg??



Hey man! I broke my tibia skiing - I’ve started a new log (Furo’s Comeback Log). But things are ok, I’m on week 6 now and should be able to weight-bear soon :). How are you?


I’m 210ish to 220ish depending on the day/month.

Reg Park and Steve Reeves were 6"2" and 6’1", respectively. Reeves was likely 210-215 and 22-year old Park was 220 in the 1950 Mr. Universe here.

Everyone will argue about what/who “looks big” because of their own interpretation of the word “big”, but the oft-quoted rule of thumb is that guys over 6-feet “should” shoot for 200+ pounds to look built. That’s a place to start.


6’2 got up to 265 with gut and didnt look truly jacked in clothes till passed about 240. Now down to 205-11 as life focus more on fitness and having high energy for building a business.

To second Chris, didn’t look like i’d stepped in a gym till originally hit 200


Im 6’3". Looked like a bean pole until I broke 200.