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6'2 at 210. Need Help Filling Out

Two areas I struggle with are back and legs. I don’t want to say it’s all because of my height and frame, but does anybody have suggestions on what the taller bodybuilder could do for thickness in these areas? Thanks!

Here’s from the front.

Dude, your back looks quite well developed in that shot

As for legs, how have you been training them previously?

well for back… I really like 1 arm BB rows, DB rows (1 and 2 arm), shoulder-width neutral pulldown, and rack pulls (in that order)… really focus on feeling the muscle work.

legs… I just decided to do all squats at least 15 reps and all leg press at least 20 reps… I also added a second lighter leg day so we shall see how that goes… There are those who believe that legs really benefit from higher rep ranges. Id recommend sticking to the basics - squat, hack squat, leg press, ham curl, RDL… don’t waste your time on lunges/quad extensions etc.

there is this Bulgarian split squat variation that John Meadows does - here in this video

brutal. I like to do one warmup set with extensions (bad knees) then go straight into these before doing squats

[quote]Mr. Walkway wrote:
legs… I just decided to do all squats at least 15 reps and all leg press at least 20 reps… [/quote]

I came to that same decision

I second the high rep compound movements for legs.

Your front delts seem to dominate your upper body and take away from your chest development. Try using a few isolation movements for your chest prior to your heavy compound pressing (squeeze presses, pec deck, maybe some wide grip lower half partials on the bench, JM’s Pec minor dip etc).

Nice work though.

You’re looking good,but you’re also right about needing a bigger back. Building a big back should be everybodys priority haha until its too big and then start focusing more on other muscle groups.

Hit it first in the week. Hit it twice a week. Have days where you overtrain back. But then also overeat and oversleep afterwards.
Heavier rows for higher reps. Don’t fully release weight on all reps, keep tension in the lats.

I remember reading somewhere that a bodybuilder commented on Dorian Yate’s body saying his small back would always be his downfall. He took this comment and then trained back HARD for a year and then showed up with one of the biggest backs ever aha