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6'2 245lbs Lose Wt. + Stay Strong

I just finished up my season, and college semester. I am going to start my summer training and was wondering what kind of ideas people had. Im currently 6’2 245lbs and want to try and get down to around 230lbs but keeping my strength levels.

Typical Diet
9am Oatmeal Bar

12pm pasta with sauce

snack-- smoothie (made with frozen fruit and milk)

5pm chicken, veggies, baked potato

and a protein shake thrown in there somewhere.

I am going to be lifting around 4pm in the next comming up weeks. Should I be eating more during the day? If i want to lose weight should i run in the morning? I am a track and field athlete, discus thrower, trying to become more athletic and quicker. Thanks

First step is to about quadruple the protein intake. From what you posted it seems almost non-existant for someone of your weight, or even someone weighing 130 pounds.

Agreed on the protein

Id suggest taking a look at the beginners forum and the threads pinned to the top read those and the link on diet it will help you nail a solid but basic plan/outline’