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6'2 235 lbs. Looking for Pointers


17 years old. I've been lifting for about a year. looking for opinions. goal is to get too at least 260 lbs by September

Arms: 17
Legs: 26
chest: 50
calf: 18
waist: 35ish






















Looks like you got a nice frame to build apon. Could look nasty after another 40 lbs.


I dont mean to be an ass, but in your last picture, you look like a distorted turtle haha.

But I think you have alot of genetic potential.


Lot of potential! Nice basic foundation for a relatively short amount of time training. Can't wait to see what you look like in a year.



Thank you very much for your comments. I'm looking for any help on what i could bring up or whats lagging at the moment because i'm looking to change my routine so i want to know what to put the most emphases on. I,m also looking for pointers from any one who lifts legs twice a week and what the best way is of going about that.


I think virtually everything needs to be brought up. I don't see any one body part that is far better or worse than any other.

For legs 2x a week maybe a hamstring dominant day and quad dominant day. They will overlap somewhat, but shouldn't affect recovery too much.


Nice work for 17, keep at it


well done so far, chest and traps need some extra work IMO


Is your camera from 1980? Horrible quality pics.


need more mass