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6'2 218 Lbs. 15wks Out


I'm fifteen weeks out from my first bodybuilding competition.I'm 18 and i'll be competing in the teen division. Wondering if i'm in okay condition for 15 weeks out, and if anything looks like its seriously lagging behind.
Weight- 218 lbs
height- 6'2








I have no idea how to do this pose correctly or any pose realy lol.








lookin good, nice taper


Nice panties.


Well for 18 you don't look to bad. You're still really young. I would think that you should be leaner that what you are at 15 weeks though. You're legs look alright but I would suggest putting on some serious mass after the competition. Good luck.


Good news, you're bigger than spider man

Bad news, you're smaller than Venom

I would try to work on chest and arms, to me you look ok for 15weeks out depending on how you plan on cutting down..

best news is you are only 18 and have a lot of time for improving


You look good for 18.

You definitely need to be leaner, but you probably know that already.

The lighting certainly doesn't seem to be doing you justice.


For your age, you look very solid.

Posing needs a good deal of work, but your conditioning seems to be okay for 15 weeks out.


You just don't seem to have the type of dense muscularity that I would typically associate with bodybuilders. You have some mass, but at the same time I can't help but to think that when you cut into contest shape, you're not going to look cut, you're just going to look small.

Don't be discouraged, though. You ARE only 18. Do the show, get the experience, and learn from your other competitors. If body building is something that you want to do seriously or even just recreationally, competing will be worthwhile.


Thanks for the comments and criticism. I appreciate It. Here are some updated pictures from a better camera.






Revisit your diet!!!
I are loosing too much muscle mass


Bi's and traps seem to be lagging. If I were you I would bulk again after the comp.